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Challenging Workouts for Tighter Core

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Going for the traditional crunches and sit-ups is becoming boring already with many seeking newer and tougher core challenges that will help them have better abdominal muscles. Well, the good news is that there are new core exercises that will not only challenge your muscles but will also help make your fitness routine that more enjoyable to do. For those who want to have a tighter core to flaunt, here are some examples of ab workouts that you can do.

  1. Barbell hip thrust. When talking about the core, it isn’t just made up of your abdominal muscles but your glutes and hips too. If you are looking for an exercise that will really workout your backside, then this is it. Start by going on a seated position on the floor with a bench behind you to support your upper back. A loaded barbell should be placed across you. Press down on your feet to lift your hips off the floor until you form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Go back to your first position and repeat.
  2. Screamers. Go into a plank position on your left side with your forearm on the floor and your hips raised. Engage your core as you bring your right knee towards your navel with your toes flexed. As your knee reaches your navel, extend right leg out in front of you at a 45 degree angle then go back to your starting position. Repeat 10 times before switching to your right side.
  3. Body saw. If holding a plank on your forearm is easier for you now, this exercise will add a bit more challenge to it then. Start by going on a forearm plank pose on a slick floor with slides or towel under the toes. Move your body forward and back by hinging at the shoulders and elbows. Make sure that your body remains in a straight line throughout the exercise.
  4. Hands of time. Lie down on the floor facing up with your feet on the floor and knees bent. Your arms should be extended out to your sides with your palms down. Engage your core muscles as you bring your knees towards your chest. Press feet upwards to the ceiling. Engage your abs once more as you inhale and lower your right leg out to your right as far as you can manage while keeping your left leg as is. Exhale on the lowest point and tighten your core to bring your right leg back up. Do the same with the other leg.
  5. Cross-climber using Swiss ball. Go into a pushup pose but with your shins placed on top of a Swiss or stability ball. Make sure that your body is in a straight line from your shoulders to your heels. While keeping your back straight, lift your left leg off the ball and bring it towards your right elbow. Go back to starting position and repeat with the right leg to your left elbow.
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