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Healthy Sleep Positions

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We all know that sleeping greatly affects our health, but can your sleep position affect it too? Can changing our natural sleeping position prevent us from snoring? Or is our current sleep position, causing us to have premature aging? Can you reduce back pain by shifting your sleeping position? We have found out that your pain levels can alter depending on how you sleep at night. Modifying your sleeping position and comfort levels at night can help improve your health. Below are different types of sleep position that can help different types of health problems. Take a look below and see which sleep position best fit you.

Back Sleepers

Many medical professionals would suggest that sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position. Sleeping with your back flat against the bed can help improve the spines alignment and neck health. This is due to the contortion or back experiences when we sleep in our back. This sleeping position is ideal for people that sleep suffers from chronic back pain and neck strain. People that tend to work in front of a computer all day is advised to sleep on their back to help reduce the negative effects of sitting all day. This is the ideal position for mattresses that are made for improving the back health. If you don’t suffer from any type of stomach issues or acidity and thyroid problems, it is advised to sleep without a pillow. This allows the neck to have a more neutral position that help improve the alignment of the neck and spine. Using too many pillows elevating the neck only can cause breathing problems and neck strain. This sleeping position is also great for reducing premature aging sleeping face up can help reduce the effect of gravity on the skin and not smashing your face on the pillowcase can reduce the chances of facial wrinkles. Though this sleeping position is not ideal for people that suffer from breathing problems such as sleep apnea and snoring. When we sleep on our back gravity pushes the tongue towards the throat area, blocking the airway. This then causes snoring and other breathing problems.

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Side Sleepers

People that tend to sleep on their side or in a fetal position are said to have a better sleep cycle than those who sleep on their back. This is one of the most widely use sleeping position around the world, though this can be a bit inaccurate since most us move in our sleep. Sleeping on your side is advised by doctors for pregnant women to help improve blood circulation and heartbeat that can benefit both mother and child. Sleeping on your back during pregnancy can put unwanted pressure on your lower back that can cause pain and at time fainting. Stomach sleeping is obviously impossible during pregnancy. This sleeping position is advised for people who supper from heartburn and acid reflux. This reduces the chance of the acid to rise up and cause the burning sensation. The negative effect of sleeping on your side is the pressure in your lungs and stomach. Sleeping in one specific position can cause organ strain. It’s ideal to alternate position to prevent this. This position can also cause arm numbness. This can affect muscles and nerves in the long run. The shoulder takes on most of the body’s weight and can cause pin prickling sensations.

Stomach Sleepers

This sleeping position is most ideal for people with sleep apnea and snoring problems. This opens up the airway and prevent breathing problems, though this position is not ideal for overweight people since it can constrict the lungs and stomach. This position is considered one of the worst sleeping position. This
is due to the body’s unnatural position as we sleep. The belly and lung area is constricted the back arched forward. Sleeping face down can alter the natural curve of the spine that can cause back pain. This also increases the risk of drooling at night. This sleeping position can also affect our neck muscles. Since we sleep all night our head facing one side. We tend to wake up with a stiff neck and pain in the back of our neck. You can reduce the negative effects of sleeping on your stomach is placing a pillow underneath your stomach and hips.

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Your favorite sleeping poses can affect your back, neck, breathing, skin and stomach. Using the wrong sleep position can affect your health. We hope that this list will help you discover the best sleep position for you or help you alter your favorite pose for your health. This can also help you find out the pose that you need to avoid! Have a healthy and calm sleep!

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