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Astonishing Beauty Uses of Sesame Oil

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Did you know that sesame oil not only can make dishes smell terrific, but also make you look ravishing? In fact, there are lots of beauty products out there that contain this yellow-colored and yummy-smelling oil. But it would probably be added to each and every skincare item on the market had it been very easy on the pocket of manufacturers!

Yes, a small bottle of sesame oil does not come with a cheap price tag — it’s one of those healthy oils that are on the pricey side of the fence. However, a little sesame oil goes a really long, long way. Especially if you’re into making all sorts of Asian dishes, you know that adding just a few drops of sesame oil is enough to do the trick.

Investing in high quality sesame oil is perfect for you not only if you love spending some energy in your kitchen, but also devoting plenty of time in front of the mirror. Thanks to the antioxidants, healthy fats, amino acids and vitamin E in sesame oil, it’s something that you may count on for keeping your skin young-looking and head-turning.

Excited to check out the beauty perks of sesame oil? Then there’s nothing else to say but “open sesame!”

Treats Pimples and Acne

Sesame oil possesses amazing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and that’s why it is an excellent all-natural remedy for pimples and acne. After cleaning your face, simply daub a little sesame oil on problem areas. This is something that’s best done at night so that sesame oil can have plenty of time doing its job.

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Deals With Eczema and Psoriasis, Too

Since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, sesame oil is an effective solution for eczema and psoriasis. Its ability to kill off microbes can help in keeping affected areas from ending up infected. Regularly applying a thin layer of sesame oil helps ensure that you can keep eczema or psoriasis under control.

Reduces Painful Joints

Adding few drops of sesame oil to your favorite massage oil makes for a superb remedy for achy and swollen joints. It’s for the fact that sesame oil promotes warmth, thus boosting circulation in the affected joints in order to speed up the healing process. Sesame oil plus the carrier oil of your choice is also great for minor muscle injuries.

Keeps Skin Moisturized Very Well

Some of the best skin moisturizers for a beauty-conscious person like you come from nature because they are completely devoid of any harmful chemical. If you are looking for a way to moisturize hassle-free, reach for a bottle of sesame oil. Apply a thin layer of it on dry areas of the body to have them smoothened and hydrated.

Improves Wrinkles

You may also count on sesame oil in keeping those hideous wrinkles at bay, or to make already present ones less visible. After thoroughly washing your face just before hitting the sack, massage a little sesame oil on your face and neck, paying special attention to problem spots. The following day, rinse it off thoroughly.

Shields Your Skin From UV Rays

Refrain from panicking if you ran out of your favorite sunscreen. That’s because sesame oil can take its place — yes, it is capable of safeguarding your skin from the sun’s UV rays and ultimately all the negatives they bring. Do take note, however, that sesame oil should not be completely used as a replacement for sunscreen.

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Promotes Hair Growth and Prevents Graying

Want to grow your hair really fast? At bedtime, massage sesame oil on your scalp. Put on a shower cap and spend some hours in dreamland. The following day, shampoo your hair. You may also do the same if you want to keep premature graying at bay — make sure that you also massage sesame oil on your tresses!

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