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Tips on How to Have Selfie-Ready Hair

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There are tons and tons of filters for the face. But have you heard of a filter that’s intended for the hair? Well, you haven’t heard of one because there’s actually none! That is why it’s very important for you to make sure that your hair is always ready for a snapshot especially if your friends are dubbing you as the Selfie Queen.

No, there is no need for you to end up broke by getting your hands on some of the most expensive hair products on the market today. You can also skip going to the hair salon every single day.

For hair that looks perfect in every selfie, you simply have to try some simple tips and tricks to making your mane geared up for a shoot. You will be surprised that there is really no need for you to spend a fortune going to a beauty parlor salon before you strike a pose in front of your cell phone camera just for your selfie to have thousands of likes!

Excited to have selfie-ready hair? Keep on reading!

Massage Oil on Your Mane Before Shampooing

About an hour prior to shampooing your hair, massage coconut oil or almond oil on your hair. You may also put on a shower cap afterwards to generate heat that can activate the oil of your preference.

Shampoo your hair very well afterwards. However, still it’s important for you to use the gentlest shampoo that you can find, one that does not contain harsh ingredients. If you feel that your shampoo is too strong, all you have to do is dilute it with water to save your tresses from being stripped of their protective oils.

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Apply Conditioner on the Tips Only

Did you know that it’s a terrible, terrible idea for you to apply conditioner all over your mane, from the roots to the tips? That’s because it can cause buildup on your scalp, and it’s something that can have a considerable impact on your hair in that you may lose more strands per day than normal!

What you need to do is apply conditioner only on the tips, say the experts. Not only will it save your scalp from getting clogged up, but also keep your pocket from having a gigantic hole in it.

Quit Using Hot Water on Your Locks

Are you fond of taking hot showers or bath? Feel free to keep enjoying your preferred pampering, but consider saving your hair from coming into contact with hot water each time. According to hair specialists, hot water can cause excessive dryness, which can then leave your mane prone to breakage and split ends.

Instead of hot water, go for lukewarm water. Actually, it’s a much better idea for you to rinse your hair with cool water to close the hair cuticles, thus trapping moisture within.

Skip Drying Your Hair Using Excessive Amounts of Heat

If there’s one hair styling tool that you should throw away right now, it’s your hair dryer. That’s because too much heat can leave your hair strands dry, making them highly susceptible to ending up damaged.

Cannot say “no” to using your trusted hair dryer? No worries. What you can do is allow your hair to air dry for a while. Once it’s about 75 percent dry, you may then start blow drying it. However, it’s definitely a good idea for you to go for the lowest setting, and also try to keep your hair dryer as far away from your mane as possible.

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Make sure that you keep in mind the above mentioned tips and your hair will surely look fabulous in every single selfie that you take and post on your various social media accounts!

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