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What is Skin Icing and Its Benefits

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Our skin is constantly bombarded by dirt, dust, sweat, and other elements that can leave it looking and feeling dry. We may not be paying much attention to what we are doing to our skin, but it is easy to spot that our skin is suffering especially when there are bumps, cracks, and lines appearing. For sure, you’re thinking of how you can bring back the natural beauty to your skin, so that you will be able to enjoy its natural glow.

It’s true that you won’t be running out of options to choose from when it comes to skin care, but sometimes it’s hard to decide which one to apply on your skin. Well, if you want to remove the blemishes from your skin, or you want to wipe off that tired look and feel, one particular method to use is skin icing.

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What is Skin Icing?

It’s really not hard to understand what this skin therapy is all about because, as the name suggests, you will be using ice on your skin to help soothe and cool down your inflamed and irritated skin. Skin care experts believe that using this method at proper intervals will help receive the numerous benefits associated with it.

How does this therapy work? Place four or five ice cubes on a clean towel or even cloth, roll the ends, then massage it on your face. Do this in circular motion for about a minute or two starting on your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, jaw line, and even on the skin around your lips.

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Why is It Popular?

How come many are doing skin icing these days? It’s simple, really. This method is not only cheap, but it is one of the easiest methods that you can use to improve your skin’s condition. Just imagine, you don’t have to worry about whatever chemicals your skin is absorbing because of the skin care products that you are using, but simply enjoy iced water to alleviate any inflammation on your skin. Not only that, you can do this any time you want.

Benefits of Skin Icing

Skin icing comes with numerous skin care benefits that will make you want to use it even more. If you are just new to this skin therapy, here are the advantages that you can get from doing skin icing.

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Reduce swelling as well as inflammation

Our skin may experience swelling and even inflammation from time to time especially when we get bitten by bugs, have an allergic reaction, and so on. This is due to the cold temperature of the ice that can restrict the blood flowing in these affected areas. If you have rosacea, the use of skin icing will be good for easing up the flare ups on your skin.

It primes your pores

If you often have to deal with large pores, which become noticeable when you apply makeup, doing skin icing prior to applying makeup is highly recommended. The cold temperature can help make your enlarged pores smaller which makes it easier for you to apply your makeup.

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Combats heat

When faced with the prospect of the hot summer sun, we often need to find a way to alleviate the problem. Fortunately, skin icing can help us beat the heat as soon as you apply the cloth on your skin. Using this therapy is considerably better than having to down a glass of iced tea because your skin is immediately soothed every time you apply your cold cloth on your skin. What better way to cool yourself down right?

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