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In Flight Beauty Tips

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It’s a struggle to travel all the time, especially for people who are on the go and those who are required to travel for work. Being in flight can take a toll in your sleep and beauty regimen. It’s hard to travel and look fabulous at the same time.

You can’t really bring all your beauty essentials during your flight. You can bring a 3 oz. Liquid on board and that is not really enough for all your beauty need isn’t it? You are allowed to bring makeup on board and use it. Makeup isn’t really enough to give your skin the pampering it needs during a flight. The skin tends to get less moisture and oxygen during flight.

We’ve compiled a few inflight beauty tips to help you look refreshed and gorgeous when you get out of the plane, they won’t even know that you’ve been on a 12 hour flight!


Do you know those face masks that come in this thin and discreet package? You can bring as many as you want with you during your flight. This is incredibly helpful for maintaining the moisture on your face. Remove the makeup from your face and when the lights go off apply the facial mask. Leave it on while your sleep and remove the mask as soon as you wake up. Remove your mask and wipe the excess towards your neck and chest area. This will help maintain the moisture in your face and prevent you from getting wrinkles and puffiness when you get off the plane.

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Flying with a full makeup on can be terrible for the skin, but to some people leaving the house, standing in line at the airport and sitting long hours in a confined space not wearing makeup is impossible. We completely understand, being in a place full of strangers barefaced can be too much. You can limit the damage by removing your makeup when you finally get to your seat. People will be too preoccupied with themselves to care that you’re not wearing makeup. You can bring a small makeup kit to apply makeup before you leave the plane or apply it in the airport bathroom. If that is too much of a struggle you can easily substitute your makeup with something less harsh on the skin. Replace your base makeup with a BB cream, CC cream or a moisturizer. This will limit the blockage on the skin and allow it to breath. Being in a plane can cut down circulation and oxygen to the skin. Having thick amounts of makeup can block the pores and lessen oxygen absorption causing dry and irritated skin.


For those long flights, you really should remove your makeup. You can use makeup remover wipes or carry a small container of makeup remover. Pick a makeup remover that doesn’t require any rinsing. After removing your makeup apply a good layer of moisturizer on the skin.


Staying on a plane for a long time can dehydrate your skin and your body. Drink water every few hours during your flight. Another great way to keep the skin hydrated is to carry a hydrating spray. This will hydrate the skin and keep the makeup looking smooth. This is great for those short flights. It can make the makeup last longer and make you look refreshed when you get off the plane.

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People will tend to skip drinking water during their flight. Going to the bathroom every few minutes is not a pleasant experience. Lack of water and oxygen in the cabin can easily dehydrate the skin. Apply eye cream around your eyes to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. You can also use one of those cooling eye patches to hydrate the eyes and lessen the puffiness. The eyes can also dry out due to the lack of oxygen. You can use an eye drops to lessen redness.


When we sleep during our flight, we tend to fidget and contort our body in different position to sleep properly. Most of the time we accidentally swipe makeup from our face. One of the first makeup to go is our eyebrow. Carry a brow pencil in your bag for a quick retouch.

Get enough beauty rest during your flight and we mean it literally. Taking care of yourself during long flights can do wonders for your skin. It’s better to follow these in flight beauty tips than just staring into nothing or listen to chatty passenger. Give yourself a much deserve pampering in your next flight!

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