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5 Tips to Quitting Dairy for Good

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Most of us think that consuming plenty of dairy can help you with your overall health but there are those who now have intolerances to dairy or allergic reaction to such products hence the need to cut them completely off their diet. Others just want to lessen the amount of chemicals that go into their body which is why they prefer to go dairy free. Regardless of your reasons on why you want to cut back on your dairy consumption, the road to achieve this is going to be tough. Still, it is possible if you follow these tips.

Learn more about dairy and its effects on the body. Before you quit dairy, it is important that you know the whys. This will help you stick to your decision to quit eating dairy  products like ice cream, yogurt, and the like. Not all of us have sufficient lactase in our system which is a type of digestive enzyme that breaks down the lactose in dairy. This is why we end up having digestive issues when we eat something containing dairy.

Know the names of dairy. Not all dairy products are labeled with dairy in their list of ingredients. Others come in the form of whey or casein even. If you really want to remove all dairy in your diet, you will need to learn the different names that are associated with dairy.

Jot down the side effects. Another trick for you to be able to quit eating dairy is to write down all the side effects that you are feeling whenever you consume foods that contain dairy and place it on your fridge, in your wallet, or anywhere that you can see easily whenever you have a craving for dairy products. This way, you will remember the effects it can have on you.

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Look for alternatives. There will be times when your craving for dairy is going to be too much to bear but rather than wait for this moment, it is better that you look for alternatives to dairy instead. The good news is that there are other substitutes such as rice milk, almond milk, and even coconut milk. However, you still need to check the labels of all dairy substitutes as they might contain plenty of artificial ingredients that may be bad for your health.

Go cold turkey. The best approach to quitting dairy is to go cold turkey rather than wean yourself from it. This way, you won’t be delaying the inevitable and it will be easier for your body to accept the new changes to your diets. This can also reduce your craving for dairy because you are not phasing them out one by one. 

Quitting dairy is a huge step but by following the tips mentioned above, you will find that it is achievable in the long run. Knowing the whys and alternatives to dairy will make it easier for you to switch to better options instead of dairy.

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