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Skin Care Tips for Babies and Kids for the Summer

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Summer has finally come and with it is the need to go out of the house and enjoy some fun activities with the family. But when there is a baby in the house, you will need to take extra precautions when you plan on going to the beach or the pool even because your little one’s sensitive skin is not yet ready to be exposed to the harsh rays of the sun. Does this mean that you will need to postpone your family outing until your baby is all grown up? Not really.

The good news is that there are several ways in which you can protect your little one’s skin during the summer, so that they will not be prone to rashes, sunburn, and the like. If you are planning on having some outdoor fun, these tips are for you.

Baby powder

Enjoying the beach is a common summer activity, but with the sand easily sticking to your skin, you’ll be bringing home some with you when you get back to your car. One way to avoid having sand chafing on your baby’s skin is to sprinkle some baby powder on them. Baby powder and sand don’t get along that much which means that sand will easily fall from the skin. What you and your baby will have, on the other hand, is soft and smooth skin.

Apply sunscreen

You may be slathering plenty of sunscreen on your skin because you are worried about having it damaged by the sun, but imagine what it can do to your little one’s relatively new skin? You should also apply some sunscreen on your baby before you head out to give them protection from the sun too. You will need to reapply it every few hours especially when you are planning on dipping them in the water.

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Use creamy baby oil

Since summer means staying outdoors most of the time, you will need to protect your child from pests such as mosquitos and other bugs. Although there are bug sprays that you can use, go for creamy baby oils instead. Not only do they repel bugs, but they will also leave your little one’s skin smelling great too.

Play in the shade

There is nothing wrong with exposing your little one to the sun, but make sure that you don’t expose them to too much sun. If you are hanging out by the beach, bring a tent or an umbrella even where you can keep them from getting burned too much. Also, it would be a good idea to make them wear wide brimmed hats for additional protection.

Cornstarch helps

If your baby managed to get some sunburn during their time outdoors, you can soothe the burning and itchy sensation by sprinkling some cornstarch on the affected area. Another solution is to harvest some aloe vera gel, put in the fridge a few minutes, then apply on the sunburn. The cool temperature and the texture of the gel help soothe the discomfort away while contributing to the speedy recovery of the skin.

Keep an eye on allergies

Keep in mind that your baby has sensitive skin which means that you will need to exercise caution with the products that you are using. If you are not sure if there will be a reaction to the lotion or sunscreen, apply a small amount on one patch of skin and wait for a few minutes. If there is no reaction, then you can continue applying the product on their skin.

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