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Tips on Having Shiny Nails Without Using Nail Polish

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Applying nail polish can indeed make your nails look pretty and shiny. But because nail polish contains all sorts of chemicals, many of which are harsh as easily revealed by the way nail polish smells, regularly using it can actually do more harm than good. From time to time, it’s definitely a good idea to let your nails go bare for days.

Below you will come across some simple tips on how to keep your nails looking shiny even without the use of nail polish. They are also something that can help make your nails tough as, uh, nails.

Have a Well-Balanced Diet

First things first: make sure that you mind what you put in your mouth if you want your nails to look shiny without any help from nail polish. You don’t really have to remember a lot of things diet-wise. Just make sure that your everyday meals consist of healthy foods that supply your body with a variety of nutrients.

Your nails require many different nutrients in order for them to stay healthy. And when your nails are healthy, they appear shiny, allowing you to confidently flash them even without the thinnest coating of nail polish.

Protein, iron, calcium, vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as those B vitamins are all needed by your nails. There is no need to have a headache figuring out which foods contain which nutrients. What you need to do is make sure that you opt for a well-balanced meal every single time to have your nails supplied with what they need.

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Apply Petroleum Jelly

Your nails need to stay hydrated if you want them to look shiny. Instead of frequently applying nail polish on them, it is a much better idea to regularly massage a little petroleum jelly on each one.

Petroleum jelly helps lock in moisture, keeping your nails from ending up dry. You don’t want your nails to wind up dry if you are a beauty-conscious person because it’s something that can cause real problems. Dryness can keep your nails from appearing shiny, and it can also leave them brittle and highly susceptible to breaking.

It’s a good idea for you to have a small tub of petroleum jelly in your bag. After washing your hands, make it a habit to apply a little of the gooey product on your nails to prevent dryness.

Or Try Coconut or Olive Oil

There are so many women who swear by the effectiveness of coconut oil in making their nails shiny. Just like petroleum jelly, coconut oil can help save your nails from dryness that can leave them fragile. What’s so nice about applying coconut oil on a regular basis is it can also help ward off nail fungus.

If you cannot get your hands on a bottle of coconut oil, that’s okay. You may also simply count on olive oil to keep your nails hydrated properly all the time, allowing them to shine and stay strong.

There are plenty of other healthy oils that you may use aside from coconut and olive oil in hydrating your nails. Almond, jojoba and sesame oil are some wonderful examples. With so many available options out there, you don’t have to apply nail polish all the time just to keep your nails worthy of everyone’s attention.

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Have Regular Nail Soaks

It’s also a great idea for you to regularly have nail soaks. No, you really don’t have to hit the nail salon every single time because it’s something that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

One of the easiest to obtain nail soak solution can be found in your refrigerator, and that’s milk. But before you start soaking your nails in it, get it warmed first in the microwave. Milk contains plenty of nutrients, some of which are greatly needed by your nails for them to stay hydrated and healthy, and also shine without the help of nail polish.

You may also regularly soak your nails in rose water. No access to rose water? No worries as you may simply opt for freshly-squeezed lemon juice that not only strengthens nails, but also keeps discoloration at bay.

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