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Forehead Acne: Common Causes and Effective Home Remedies

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Acne can show up on practically any part of the face. However, the cheeks and forehead are the ones that are commonly affected by this skin condition due to the fact that sebaceous glands situated in the said areas are simply more active than those found elsewhere on the face.

In this article, we will put the spotlight on acne on the forehead. So read on if your forehead seems to be the favorite hangout of acne. Below you will learn some of the most important things you need to know about it, namely the common causes and effective remedies for it that you can do at home.

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Common Causes

Acne can be due to a variety of things. No matter where on the face or elsewhere on the body it chooses to appear, the causes pretty much remain the same, according to skin specialists.

The forehead, just like the cheeks, seems to be more susceptible to developing acne than the rest of the face. The reason for this is, just like what’s mentioned earlier, the presence of hyperactive sebaceous glands. The more oils these glands produce, the higher the risk of your pores ending up clogged and inflamed.

Some of the other common causes of forehead acne include:

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Hormonal imbalance can be blamed for acne breakouts, and one of the usual reasons why hormonal imbalance strikes is stress. It’s for this reason why high levels of stress can cause forehead acne to strike, especially if you do nothing to manage your stress.

Your hair

If you are prone to acne, it’s not a good idea for you to opt for hairstyles that cause your tresses to touch your face. Dirt, grime and oils hair strands carry may cause the clogging of your pores.

Hair products

Forehead acne can also be due to the use of hair caring and styling products, including shampoos, conditioners, mousse, gels and hairspray. That’s because some of the chemicals they contain can irritate your skin, which is something that can give rise to acne.


Especially if you have oily skin, using the wrong type of makeup can easily cause acne. Your risk of developing acne on the forehead and elsewhere increases if you fail to remove makeup before going to bed.

Hats and caps

Are you fond of sporting fashionable hats and caps most especially during bad hair days? Such can also be blamed for forehead acne, especially if you do not clean them very often. Helmets with dirty liners or padding are also at times the culprits for the appearance of acne on the forehead.

Home Remedies

It’s a good idea for you to seek the help of a skin specialist if you are being bugged by forehead acne and it’s already affecting your self-confidence and everyday life. An expert can prescribe the right topical solution for your problem, although at times he or she may also recommend orally-taken remedies.

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But if you do not have access to a skin specialist or the budget to consult one, worry not because in the meantime you may simply opt for some of the best home remedies for forehead acne. Some of them include:

Aloe vera gel

It has vitamin E and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon juice

Rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant.

Tomato juice

Also loaded with vitamin C.

Green tea

It works because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities.

Tea tree oil

Diluting and applying it helps zap bacteria.

Apple cider vinegar

It deals with microbial activity and inflammation, too.

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