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Keep Your Pores Smaller in 8 Easy Ways

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We would do anything to reduce the appearance of our pores. Smaller pores make our skin look softer, younger and smoother.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the appearance of your pores smaller. Here are some skin care tips you can follow to do just that.

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important if you want to have small pores. This is because vitamin C helps increase your skin’s production of elastin and collagen. You can add vitamin C into your diet or take supplements daily.

2. Exfoliate

Exfoliating often is a great way to remove dead skin cells and excess oils. You can use a combination of chemical (alcohol-free glycolic serums) and physical exfoliants (facial scrubs) on a regular basis. Doing this will help remove dry cells on the surface, so the openings on your pores are not as deep, thus making it appear smaller.

3. Use Sunscreen

Exposure to the sun can make free radical damages slowing down cell production. Slow cell production makes your skin work harder and thickens the stratum corneum, making your pores appear larger. So always remember to wear sunscreen, if you’re exposing yourself to the sun.

4. Remove makeup

Always remember to avoid wearing your makeup overnight. Leaving makeup on at night can produce blemishes, oil and large pores. Make sure to remove your makeup before getting into bed.

5. Keep face clean

Keep your face clean by washing your face at least twice a day with a pH-balanced cleanser. You may also choose to use a facial brush.

6. Use retinol-based products

Applying retinol-based products can decrease the cohesiveness of the epidermal cells, removing the debris from the pores.

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7. Take a steam

Go for a herbal facial steam, to open up your pores, to remove oil, debris and other impurities.

For the facial steam, you can combine fresh red rose petals, rosemary, mint, pansy, lavender and hot water in a bowl. Cover the bowl using a towel and wait for at least 5 minutes, then you can remove the towel and move your face slowly over the steam. Remain under the towel for 10-15 minutes, while inhaling the aromatic scent. This cleanse your pores by letting the steam bring moisture and oxygen into your face. Then rinse with tepid water, and pat to dry.

8. Use face masks

Face masks are great for getting smaller pores, especially if you’re using homemade fresh ingredients. You can try a combination of eggs, aloe vera gel, calamine/sandalwood powder, tomato juice and water.

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