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Beauty Tips and Tricks Every Woman Should Know

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In a world where the beauty industry is considered one of the most profitable and highly researched, we still seek answers to beauty. We have found numerous items, products, chemicals and more that can fix our beauty problems. This industry has also given us numerous rules to follow such as beauty tips and tricks to keep us looking beautiful and young. This is the same industry that has given us different ways to style our hair to the right ways to massage our face to keep it firm. They have given us so many tips and tricks that following all of them is close to impossible. Especially, since the beauty industry is constantly evolving. Beauty tricks and items decades ago are not applicable now. One point in time we used excessive amounts of Hairspray and now the practice isn’t as widely used. Centuries ago we’d use the extracts from flower petals to add tint to our lips and cheeks. Though, this practice isn’t as used as it was back then. However, it is still a good trick to have up your sleeves. There are tips and tricks that no matter the time can still be of much help.

Knowing different tips and tricks can help us be prepared to handle any beauty situation that comes our way and keep us looking good through anything. Below are some tips and tricks that every woman should know.

Beauty Tips and Tricks

• Getting razor bumps or ingrown hair when you shave your legs or armpit? You might be shaving dry. Shaving your skin without any shaving cream or even water can irritate the skin and cause it to be inflamed and inhibit proper hair growth that causes in grown hair. Never shave dry! This can also cause skin darkening and damage to the pores. Use shaving cream. Moisturizer or conditioner to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

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• Always getting chipped nail polish? Have a small bowl of ice water handy when painting your nails. Freshly painted nails when dipped in ice cold water will dry out faster.

• Dry and chapped lips? Exfoliate your lips every week to help improve the lips appearance. This will remove dead skin on the lips and keep it looking smooth and nourished. You can use a sugar scrub to remove dead skin or gently brush your lips after brushing your teeth.

• Baby hairs and flyaways ruining your sleek and sexy look? Use a small amount of hand lotion to smoothen out pesky flyaways.

• Fake it until you make it. Fake a smaller or taller nose with bronzer. Over line your lips to fake a bigger pout and apply two pairs of false eyelashes to fake natural thick lashes. Just remember there is a line between faking it and clown makeup, so be careful.

• Wake up with Beachy waves every morning by braiding your hair tightly before you go to sleep.

• Get that dewy and summer glow by adding moisturizer in your foundation. If your foundation is really dense, mix in more moisturizer.

• Tame your pesky brows by applying clear lip balm on top of your brows before brushing them down and shaping them to your desired shape. The lip balm will act as a glue that keeps your hair intact and in shape.

• Spraying on hair spray to your clips, headbands and bobby pins will give them a better hold.

• Smoothen out baby hairs with an old toothbrush. Apply some wax or Hairspray on your brush before smoothing out the hair.

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• Invisible lip liners can keep lipstick from bleeding without altering the color of the lipstick.

• Add more drama to your regular pony tail by teasing the crown of your hair or by using Bobby pins to push it upward.

• Never wear too much makeup during the summer. Make up are more likely to smudge during the summer and the pores are more prone to build up.

• Never go up to a makeup counter unprepared. Always know what product you need to buy or know what look you’re aiming for. If you go unprepared there is a likely chance that you will be getting something you don’t really need.

• Do you always get smudgy eye makeup? Keep a blotting tissue handy. On the first signs of perspiration or oil, blot the area. The blotting tissue will remove the excess oil while keeping the makeup intact.

• Hair color fades faster if you wash it every day. After coloring your hair, limit your hair washing to twice a week.

There are so many beauty tips and there will always be more. We wish this list can help you be prepared for any beauty hiccups you might face. These tips were shared with us by a hairstylist, skin care specialist, makeup artist and beauty enthusiast. We hope these tips and tricks can help make the beauty industry less complicated for women everywhere.

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