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Fitness and Health Tips from Top Trainor

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You’ve been putting a lot of effort and time at the gym, yet you still haven’t found the results you are looking for. You are starting to get discouraged and losing the motivation to work out. You can find people at your gym that work out with such determination and consistency of professional athlete, yet are not able to attain their desired goals. You may also be facing this kind of dilemma. All the time and effort you put into working out hasn’t been improving you to your optimum fitness. When you start to notice this, maybe it’s time to consult a professional. As much as we want to do things on our own, we can’t know every tip and tricks when it comes to fitness and health. Someone that has been educated on these topics can help get you to get to the next step to fitness.

If you prefer to do it alone, the next best thing is to ask for some tips from the professionals. A fitness trainer is able to give tips from their experiences and education. We’ve asked some of the top and most renowned fitness trainers on useful tips for fitness and health. They have given us useful tips for maintaining muscle weight to healthy eating habits. Read more about these top trainer tips.

Watch What You Eat

Working out consistently is not enough to give you the results you desire. Regardless of the amount of time you dedicate to working out, eating all the wrong things will only prevent you from advancing. Eating low calorie foods is not enough. You may lower the amount in your diet, but you may also be lowering the nutritional intake your body needs. One of the most common causes of stalling in fitness is not having enough protein and vitamins. Eating something low in calories and low in nutrition can cause your body to go into starvation. It will preserve energy in the body and feed off from your muscles. This will cause you to lose muscle weight, feel exhausted and at times cause a slower heart rate.

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Prepare Yourself

The excuse of “it’s okay to eat this 3 pound burger today since I’m going to be hiking tomorrow” will not cut it. Preparing yourself for your fitness day is essential to get optimum results. Athletes would take a day off or avoid eating unhealthy foods the day before the competition for a reason. What you do today can affect your tomorrow. Eating that burger will make you feel sluggish tomorrow and throw you off your game. Eat healthy, rest and don’t skip your meals the day before.

Portion Control

A common advice by fitness trainers is to eat more. No, they don’t mean stacking your plate with any protein you can find. Unless you are trying to gain muscle weight. Eating small, frequent meals will enhance your metabolism. Since, you are eating more, portion control is more important. Stick to the hand rule. The meat should not be bigger than your palm, curbs or wheat should not be bigger than your fist. Keep your portion in control by changing your bowls, cups and plate into smaller sizes.

Eat With a Purpose

Aside from fending off hunger, eat because you need the nutritional value. Don’t just eat because you need to fill yourself or increase your metabolism. Get more from what you eat. Compare your snacks and see which one will give you the nutritional value you need. There are dozens of apps that can help you distinguish what is in your food. Use it wisely.

Range of Motion

Cheating yourself is not helping anybody. Using shortcuts to your workout or routine will only stop you from improving. Doing the right motions and working in a large range will activate more of your muscle. The more muscles you use the toner you get and the more calories you burn.

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We hope these tips from top trainers will be able to help you with your health and fitness. With all these tips, the most common advice they were able to give us is “Master your basics”. The basics of fitness and health is a balanced diet, exercise and healthy habits. We need food to fuel our body to achieve our goals. Not having a balanced diet will cause your energy to drop and your body to stall. Eat more organic food and balance out your nutritional intake. Try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Walking your dog or playing with your kids is enough to keep the blood pumping. Healthy habits are the pillar to your health and fitness. Knowing what food can damage your body and knowing the effects of vices to your health can keep you from adapting them in your lifestyle.

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