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Sleepiness Causes and Symptoms

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Sleepiness is a common concern for some people. It is the feeling of being sleepy and sleepless at a certain part of the day. For some, sleepiness may affect their daily activities and even safety, such as in driving. The following are the causes, signs and symptoms, and home remedies for sleepiness.


Sleepiness has variable causes. According to Medicine Net, it is caused by the insufficient sleep, sleep disorders, certain medications, and the body’s daily sleep-wake cycles. As per the publication, sleepiness takes place if a person does not get enough sleep, since a sleep debt starts to accumulate until sufficient sleep has been done. Insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and restless legs syndrome as well as certain medications like prescription agents, may lead to sleepiness. Then people who are awake during the late night hours and during the midafternoon have a higher risk of falling asleep unintentionally.

Signs and Symptoms

Sleepiness presents various symptoms. According to Medicine Net, these include consistently not getting enough sleep or getting a poor quality sleep, falling asleep while driving, struggling to stay awake when in active like when reading or watching television, having difficulty paying attention or concentrating at home, school, or work, having performance problems at work or school, having difficulty controlling one’s emotions, and taking naps on most days.

Home Remedies

While medications may be prescribed to some people with sleepiness in some situations, remedies can also be done to help manage the condition.


One remedy for sleepiness and drowsiness is sunlight. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, one should expose himself to sunlight. As per the publication, doing such will make one alert and energetic throughout the day. It is added that sunlight helps maintain the body’s sleep-wake cycle by conditioning the brain the time to wake up. Sunlight as remedy for sleepiness is also supported by a 2013 study, which, as cited by the publication, says that vitamin D deficiency is linked with sleep problems. Nonetheless, this is yet to be supported by more evidence-based data for validity and reliability. As per the publication, the person may go for a walk in the open air for t least 15 minutes; sunscreen may not be applied.

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Exercising in the morning in another remedy for sleepiness. According to Sun Signs, starting the day with exercises helps the person wake up in the morning and keep feeling awake during the day. As per the publication, exercising for 30 minutes can provide the person the energy he needs to get through his day. While exercise can be done at any time of the day, the publication recommends exercising in the morning is the best.

Fixing the Sleep-Wake Schedule

According to Easy Ayurveda, the person should manage his sleep-wake schedule as a solution for sleepiness. As per the publication, the person ensures that he has at least six o seven hours of good night sleep. Good night sleep suggests an uninterrupted sleep like waking up in the middle of the night and difficulty falling asleep. Supportive measures for this remedy include avoiding coffee at least three hours before sleep and keeping the room dark at bed time, among others.

Adequate Sleep

Sleepiness is due to inadequate sleep, so sleeping is considered one of the best remedies for the condition. It will not only recharge both the body and the mind, but it will also freshen up one’s mood, allowing a person to start a new day.

Sleepiness may affect a person’s performance of his daily activities, and safety in some circumstances. Thus, it is important to seek medical from a doctor for proper assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, health education, and evaluation.


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