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Beauty Myths That Are True

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How many times have you heard a beauty myth and wondered if there is some truth to it? Well, most beauty myths do have some truth in them and is blown up into something a lot more different than it initially was. We’ve come across dozens of these hilarious and inaccurate myths, but there are a seldom few that are actually true and helpful. Let us focus on these factually true beauty myths and find out more about them. So read on to know more.

Lip Balms Will Make Your Lips, Dry

This sounds like a complete beauty myth right? Why would something that was designed to hydrate your lips make it dry? Well, blame this on some capitalist companies. There are some products that contain active ingredients that can cause the lips to dry more and make you apply more coats to use up your product and buy more. Applying a coat can help hydrate your lips and make it supple. However, as soon as the coat is gone, the lips return to its normal state without any improvement. Avoid lip products that contain any menthol, alcohol, fragrance and camphor, these can irritate the skin and cause dryness. Another beauty tip you can do is to apply lip balm in an up and down motion, not side to side. This also goes when rubbing the lips together. This habit can cause wrinkles in the lips and make you prone to chapped lips.

Filing Your Nail in Different Directions Will Make It Weak

Filing your nail like you are using a saw will make your nails weak. Nails should be filed in one direction, preferably downwards to follow the nails direction. The back and forth motion used for filing can make the nails chip easily and weakens them. It also increases the risk of uneven nails in the future. Also, using too much force that the skin around your nails gets irritated can affect nail growth. There is a beauty trick that tells you to cut your nails when you just got out of the shower. This is true and effective since moisture can weaken the nails and make cutting it a lot quicker and easier. However, filing our nails when it was recently soaked or after a shower will make it more prone to damage.

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Not Removing Your Makeup Will Cause Breakouts

Probably one of the most repeated and used beauty myth has been to never sleep without removing your makeup or it will cause blemishes and acne. This is absolutely true. However, some people actually believe that the cause of the breakout is the makeup itself. This is wrong, the cause of your breakouts is dirt, oil and clogged pores. When you don’t remove your makeup, you are more prone to these factors. Sleep is also the time where your skin rehydrates and rest. Though, it is important to wash your face before bed, even if you didn’t wear any makeup or just used a thin amount. There will still be dirt and oil in your skin that can cause blemishes.

Hair Buns and Ponytails can cause Baldness or Hair Fall

Hair fall is unavoidable and is part of your hair cycle. Nonetheless, it should be something to keep an eye on. If you notice that you have more than 10 strands stuck on your hair tie after wearing it all day, that is a sign. A sign that you are wearing your buns or ponytails too tight. The tight bun and ponytail has become a staple hairstyle. It looks sleek and easy to do, but some people take it to the extreme. They were there ponytails too tight to reduce the wrinkles or “lift” their face. It does work by giving your face a firmer appearance. Though, the pressure in your hair strands will lead to hair fall, breakage and even baldness in the future. When creating a bun or ponytail make sure that at least your pinky can fit through the hair tie.

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You Can Use Hair Spray as a Setting Spray – But You Shouldn’t

Using hair spray on your makeup can help set it and in some cases even water proof. This has been proven and been used for a very long time. Like most beauty trends – drag queens are the connoisseur of using hair spray on makeup. This was a great tip when there wasn’t an abundance of setting sprays in the market. Hairspray is a great sealant, but it was not designed for the skin – especially the face. It contains harsh chemicals such as lacquers and alcohol that can cause irritation and dry skin. Please know better and opt for products that were made for the said body part.

We tend to be quick to dispel beauty myths and believe that it is all hearsay. — Putting toothpaste on your face will cause chemical burn. Plucking your white hair can make it spread. Brushing your hair, a hundred times every night can make it shinier. All of these beauty myths are complete fabrication. But some like the ones above are proven to be true. Every time you hear a new beauty myth try to research on it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how some of the best beauty trends have come from these ones beauty myths.

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