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What to Know about Perimenopause

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Perimenopause is definitely something every woman and nearly every man has to deal with. This is the transitional period before menopause officially hits and at least there is a time window, although challenging, to accept another major chapter in your life. This transitional period is a time for adapting, the hormones during premenopausal and menopausal are going off their usual balance so the body acts out in many different ways. Of course it is a case to case basis and one’s lifestyle which determines their health which greatly affects perimenopause. Of course genetics plays a role too down to mood swings but such things are easily fixed with a healthy diet, exercise, awareness and acceptance of your situation.

This could be a confusing time filled with mixed emotion and for some it is nothing much but a turn down the road. One will get less fertile over time as their ovaries produce fewer and fewer eggs and may also diminish in quality. Progesterone is the hormone responsible for sexual development and the health and functionality of our sexual organs. It is used to treat any ailment or condition affecting the female sexual organs and menstrual cycles. Along with the female-dominant hormone estrogen which is responsible for the secondary development of female attributes such as breasts, a softer voice, wider hips and a finer and/or curvier frame, regular healthy bleeding, etc. Menopause is perfectly normal to go through even for any healthy adult female that reaches this chapter.

Menopause is the end destination of course with some health issues that can be taken care of easily with a healthy, happy lifestyle therefore the raging symptoms end there assuming you are healthy enough. It is all about dealing with the all the physical and emotional discomfort of what happens before.

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There are approximately 35 symptoms associated with perimenopause, and most women will experience at least a few of them. However, not every woman will experience every symptom, neither will every woman experience them to the same degree.

This is a time to be extra strong and to keep reminding one’s self that you can beat this and this will not take over you, you are not always your hormones. This is a time to really step back, relax and think, seriously think with followed actions on your health. Take note of all the nutrients you think you do not get enough of and concentrate on creating a diet plan with natural supplements thrown in. This is a time that your body is about to go into a slow decline if you do not look after your wellbeing, this includes your stress and happiness levels, a positive outlook on life and a healthy self-image guarantees a healthier physique as well.

Many women may start feeling old or a little bit like a malfunctioning robot because the hormones or the chemical messengers of our bodies are on haywire and do not seem to know what they are doing all the time. Because of the sudden decline of female hormones it is common for women to experience being more easily tired, cranky, not being as springy before and may even gain or lose quite some weight. Individuals that are already unhealthy to begin with will not always have the easiest time with this, junk foods, lack of exercise or any light physical activity, excessively high stress levels, depression, too much alcohol and cigarettes will amplify symptoms.

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If you are not the health conscious type, even slightly, this is definitely the time to consider eating whole, fresh foods with more vegetables and less empty calories at least twice a day 5 times a week- but please try to strive for a bit more than that. Most people are either clueless or not fully aware of the fact that poor food and drink choices is a major cause of depression not just the obvious suspect which is constant stress. A better diet will ease all symptoms and battle all types of sicknesses and injuries. Expect your immune system to have quite the battle so please be on top of it and eat as healthy as possible and only go for natural supplements because a lot of artificial drugs have harmful components our bodies do not even need. The symptoms experienced through perimenopause are more of an emotional or physical discomfort than PMS, an aching period or pregnancy in some cases. Some women are truly prone to depression caused mostly or purely by hormones alone so watching one’s health is crucial. The choice of food and whether we exercise or not are the 2 largest factors for hormonal balance and emotional stability. And of course the choice to be happy.

Perimenopause has over 30 symptoms with feelings of impending doom being one of them, seriously. It is like elements of worry, anxiety, depression and just utter frustrated confusion on varying levels. Hair can even appear thicker on the body, different odors may come, the mood swings and hot or cold flashes are the 2 most common symptoms. The sudden lack of progesterone and estrogen is just putting the body into a normal panic-like mode where it is still adapting to the changes therefore the effect on body temperature goes up and down and sleeping patterns are disrupted.Breast tenderness, headaches more painful and/or frequent than usual, weird tingly and/or hot searing sensations in random parts of the body under the skin sometimes the tongue, bouts of bloat and dizziness and even lapses in memory.

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Bone mass decline, crashing fatigue, moodiness, anxious feelings, frustration mostly rooted from sudden irritability and hormonal mood swings themselves all are normal and come along with loss of libido even, which of course can be just a temporary thing with proper health care and overall quality of life.

Some women undergo hormone therapy which are delivered injections of hormones that are supposed to balance out anything “off” about your hormonal function. Of course humans were indeed meant to exert effort and some sweat to look after themselves if not even for others around them. We are responsible for keeping ourselves happy and strong, lifestyle is a choice and can be changed by will. Shift to a healthier diet, exercise at least 20 minutes a day and choose to block of the negative!

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