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Get The Skin You Desire with Derma Roller Treatment

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Our skin not only protects us from external injuries and infections, they are also part of how we physically define ourselves. Because of that, we tend to want our skin to look as healthy and unblemished as possible, as a sign of health and a nod to personal aesthetics.

That’s where derma roller treatment comes in. A derma roller can minimize stretch marks, wrinkles and other elasticity issues. It can also be used to reduce scarring, and under the right circumstances, even remove it.

What it is

A derma roller is a cylindrical tool that rolls over your skin. On the rolling surface are many ultra-fine needles that are used to pierce the skin, creating micro punctures. It is a mechanical tool that does not use chemicals or heat in the primary procedure.

What it does

The micro punctures from the derma roller encourage new tissue growth. With this new growth, elastin, collagen, and blood capillaries are created or grown. All these lead to skin rejuvenation that can minimize or even remove the effects of wrinkles, stretch marks, and scars. It can also smoothen out the skin color, as pigmentation can also be “rejuvenated” with the development of new skin.

While the medical procedure is needed for longer-lasting effects, skin maintenance is the goal for the home-use derma roller.

How it is used

The medical derma roller procedure is usually divided into two end-goals. For collagen induction treatment, they usually require two to three sessions, with six to eight weeks of rest in between. If the treatment is for scar reduction, then the number of sessions goes up to five, with the same amount of time in between. The procedure usually starts with the application of anesthetic cream, so that the skin is numbed. This prevents undue discomfort. After that, the treatment involves rolling the derma roller over the area to be treated 15 to 20 times.

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The procedure is a success if the flushing of the skin is even all throughout the skin area, as this means that the number of micro punctures is practically the same all over the area.
Derma roller treatment can be used on any type of skin, regardless or pigmentation. Collagen induction will require about three visits, with six to eight weeks in between, and scar reduction will require up to five visits, with the same amount of time in between as with collagen treatments. The treatment can be used all over the body, with approval from your attending doctor.

Guidelines for derma roller use

– You should use a derma roller tool in conjunction with approved skin creams and moisturizers, to achieve better results.

– Even if you think that longer needle lengths may be better for your skin, choose the needle length that is right for you. Remember, if you choose needles lengths that are too long, you may not want to use the roller as often as you should, and that can neutralize any positive effects.


It is a good idea to stay in a clinically clean environment for the first hour after treatment, so that the micro punctures can seal themselves up without any issues. After that, do have anti-inflammatory cream handy, as the flushing and rejuvenation process from a derma roller session can take up to 24 hours to subside.

Mineral and peptide preparations should be used after the treatment, including zinc-based sunscreen, if necessary.

Home use

Derma roller tools for home use are available, but it’s not the kind of derma roller for removing stretch marks or scars, since home versions have shorter needles. However, they can be used to maintain the effects of collagen induction treatments, and can be used to promote healthy skin, if used long-term.If you’re not quite sure about the efficacy of a derma roller, do check on derma roller reviews so you can find out if you’ll be fine with the treatment and home use versions.

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