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Teas That Provide Relief From PCOS Symptoms

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Got diagnosed with PCOS? Then you know for a fact that it can cause all kinds of signs and symptoms that can easily leave you feeling frustrated and rob you of your self-esteem and self-confidence — irregular periods or none at all, thinning hair yet increased hair elsewhere on the body, abdominal pain, unnecessary weight gain, excess facial oils, acne.

PCOS is due to hormonal imbalance, and that is why restoring optimum hormone levels within you can help deal with the many unfavorable signs and symptoms associated with it.

Well, you’re in luck — there’s actually an assortment of teas that are scientifically-proven to be beneficial for women who are suffering from PCOS, and some of those that can really impress are mentioned below. So keep on reading if you want to have a smooth-sailing day despite of having PCOS.

Ginger Tea

Do you often whip up a cup of ginger tea especially after having a meal because you are prone to indigestion or acid reflux? Then there is no need for you to search for any other powerful solution for the signs and symptoms of PCOS — ginger tea can help provide much-needed relief from them.

Every health-conscious individual on the face of the planet knows that ginger tea has superb anti-inflammatory properties, and this is exactly the reason why it can help in keeping the levels of hormones within you as normal as possible.

Turmeric Tea

Because it is actually related to ginger, it’s no wonder why turmeric is also beneficial for a woman like you who is suffering from PCOS and being bugged by its many signs and symptoms.

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Just like ginger tea, turmeric tea works wonderfully as it can fend off inflammation that can worsen hormonal imbalance. What’s more, it boasts of superb analgesic properties — it can help get rid of that darned abdominal pain commonly experienced by women with PCOS.

Spearmint Tea

A lot of people brew and consume a cup of spearmint tea each time they are experiencing abdominal distress. Well, women who are diagnosed with PCOS should consider having a cup of spearmint tea even if their tummies aren’t acting up.

That’s because scientific investigations say that spearmint tea can in fact reduce the levels of male hormones while at the same time increase the levels of female hormones. A lot of PCOS sufferers swear by the sheer effectiveness of this herbal tea in reducing unsightly facial hair.

Nettle Tea

Just like spearmint tea, nettle tea is also known to help lower the levels of male hormones in a woman’s body. It’s for this reason why drinking nettle tea on a regular basis can help provide much-needed relief from the numerous signs and symptoms that PCOS is known to bring.

By the way, nettle tea is beneficial not only for women, in particular those who are suffering from PCOS. This tea is also perfect for men, in particular those whose prostate glands are enlarged.

Green Tea

Worry not if you cannot take a trip to an herbal store to get your hands on some of the teas stated above. That’s because you may simply count on green tea, which is available at practically all supermarkets and convenience stores.

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Thanks to the loads of antioxidants in green tea, its consumption can help keep at bay oxidative stress, which is something that can cause or aggravate hormonal imbalance. Scientists say that regularly consuming green tea can help in lowering the levels of male hormones in your body.

WARNING: Before you regularly take the above-mentioned teas in order to deal with the various annoying signs and symptoms associated with PCOS, remember to get the go signal of your gynecologist first.


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