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How to Get An Infant to Sleep a Lot More Regularly

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Taking care of a newly born human is one of the most potentially stressful yet miraculous things that could ever occur in the walk of life.  It is so very difficult to keep your child’s schedule more so your own.  You do not want the stress to get to you and engulf you, you want to be the absolute best parent you could push yourself to be.

It is easy to get easily snappy or irritable with your own bundle of joy.  This is more evident if this is your first baby or you could be quite unhealthy.  Ever got a cat or dog?  You love them to bits but they scratch and bite, they pee and worse poo at the wrong areas.  Heck, they even talk back like kids.  It is all part of it and you should not feel guilty for getting frustrated from time to time.  It’s what you do next is what is most important.  Keeping your cool also all lies in planning and sticking to the plan.  People tend to do a lot of overthinking combined with unnecessary stressing and ending up not fully committing or doing much.

Babies sleep most of the day, 15-18 hours actually.  At this time they sleep in 2-3 hours at a time throughout the day and night.  As they reach 6-8 weeks they naturally regularize their sleep patterns sleeping more during the night than day.  Here are the basics on how to get your baby sleeping regularly and sound, keeping you sane too:

  1. Calm down and plan a practical routine.
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Practical for everyone, but most especially the baby.  Keep the routine simple and easy to follow.  Babies like regularity and predictability, disruptions or sudden change is so stressful on the baby and you.  Memorize your baby’s sleep and wake patterns.  Base it on their eating time too which has to be regular as well, in sync with everything.

Decide their nap times and their main curfew at night.  When certain times are set, stick to it and make sure your baby is relaxed, clean and has fed 30 minutes before sleepy time.  You are encouraged to not just cuddle them but also give a light and gentle body massage, play pleasant tunes or sing to relax them. You and your baby should have similar bedtimes.

  1. Adjust the bedroom climate.

Not just about the air conditioner, babies need a humidity adjustment.  You can buy humidifiers online, in department stores or baby stores.  Infants need around 50% humidity at a temperature of 21-23 degrees Celsius.  Adjust closely within those numbers depending on your baby’s comfort level.

Babies do not like sudden temperature change, make sure their bed is warm, a:cold bed from a warm environment is not pleasant for them.  Do not adjust the temperature and humidity so much,  just add or subtract blankets if your baby is sweaty or shivering.

  1. Get your baby used putting themselves to sleep at the last few minutes.

Yes, that is right.  It is never too early to instill proper schedule and a sense of independence in puppies, kittens and even human babies.  You can spoil a baby by letting them fall asleep while you are holding them.  You must gently put them down when they are drowsy.  This way they will not wake up, be confused and freak out.

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This teaches them to like their room, their bed and to be fine with a certain extent of being alone.  It is healthy for them.

  1. Heavily dim or turn off lights at night.

Only at night.  This teaches the child the difference between day and night, therefore adjusting their sleep so that it normalizes.

  1. Share a room at the most- not a bed.

Your baby should fall asleep by themselves.  Giving a baby too much cuddle sleepy time and even sleeping next to them encourages the development of separation anxiety.

  1. Play white noise or pleasant music.

Relaxing, deep yet seemingly gentle massages of rhythm you can easily get for free online is good for everybody.  Baby at peace means you at peace.  White noise is great to meditate too or your records that are either slow and soothing or upbeat yet light and easy, either way the music must be relaxing.

  1. Balance okay time and nap times during the day.

A no-brainer.  Your baby would love to play and laugh with you but they also get tired easily.

  1. Burp them after eating, especially before sleeping.

Do not make the  forgetting to burp a young infant before bed.  Especially for 6 months and below.  A gentle tapping then rubbing then tapping again on their back as you are holding them with a baby cloth over the shoulder where the baby’s head is.

9. Make sure they are kept in a clean, well confined area away from odors and the loudest sounds.  Sound proof their room if your place is a loud one that can’t help it.  Music helps driwn it out, but sound proofing is a nice option for thin walls.

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