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Eyelash Tips for Everyday

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One of the few things that you need to pay attention to when creating your look is your eyelashes. Getting great lashes is enough to give you that wide eyed and awake look. The popular no makeup look mostly consists of a perfect base and great lashes.
Not all of us are given thick and luscious lashes. The only thing we can do to get those lashes is simply by faking it. False eyelashes, plumping mascaras and eyelash extensions. Below are some great tips and tricks for your eyelashes!

Bend It

Get an extra mascara wand or disposable mascara wand and bend it at the tip just before the brush. Take your mascara product and spread it on the bent mascara brush. Return the original wand in the tube and use the bent one to apply. Bending your brush can help you be more in control with application and help push up the tiny hairs upward giving you that light curl. This can also help you get those tiny little hairs in the corner of your eyes without messing your makeup. You can use your original
wand and bend it, but this can make it prone to breaking since you have to straighten it every time you return it inside the tube.

Wipe It Off

When mascara gets too much oxygen in the tube, the product will tend to be tacky and in clumps. This will leave you with a clumpy and uneven application. You can prevent this by taking a clean facial tissue and rolling the want around it before application. Remove the excess products or clumps on the wand before applying. Repeat this process for all the layers.

Go For Uneven

No one wants to get uneven looking lashes, but when you get perfectly coated the lashes tend to be weighed down. This will make your curls unravel in just a few hours after ap
plication. You can prevent this and get longer lasting curls by creating an uneven but full coat. Start your application from the base of your lashes and pack most of the volume here. This will give the illusion of thicker and fuller lashes without putting too much product. Make your hands side to side to spread the product and do one swift swipe on the tips of your lashes.

Make Mascara Last Longer

Waterproof mascaras are great for holding curls and keeping your eye makeup smear free throughout the day, but it is one of the hardest product to remove. You prevent aggressive removal later on by applying a first coat of waterproof mascara, then following it with normal mascara and finishing it with a thin coat of waterproof mascara. The waterproof formula can help keep the shape of the lashes and make it last longer.

Clumpy Mascara

Once mascara becomes too clumpy to apply, using it can be too much of a hassle. You can revive old and clumpy mascara by dipping it in hot water. Take a cup of hot water and soak your mascara tube in it for a few minutes. This will help melt down the clumps in your mascara and make it easier to apply. Before
doing this check the expiration date at the bottom of the tube.
Mascara usually lasts up to three months
after you open it. If you exceed the due date, throw it away to prevent getting an eye infection.

Fixing Mascara Mistakes

There are times where our hands can slip when applying mascara or apply too much product. You can prevent this by taking a clean cotton swab and dipping it in makeup remover. Use a twisting motion to remove the smudges or excess product. This will help keep the eye makeup intact. Don’t use this technique when the mascara is still wet, this can make worse. Wait for it to dry
before using the cotton swab.

Thick Brows

Using mascara on your eyebrows is not a new innovation, but it can really help give your brows the needed filling it needs. Apply mascara that is close to your natural color and apply it lightly on your eyebrows. Use a clean mascara wand to spread the product and leave it to dry. You can also use a clear mascara to keep your lashes clean and intact without adding any color, making it a great product for the no makeup look.
Take care of your lashes by not rubbing them aggressively and learning to remove your mascara properly. The hardest part of removing makeup is removing waterproof mascara. You can simply remove them without doing damage to your lashes is taking a cotton ball or facial tissue. Dip this tissue or cotton
in makeup remover and place it above your lashes and leave it for a half a minute. Remove the tissue and gently twist your lashes in your fingertips. The mascara will start to crumble, remove the remaining product with a clean tissue. What do you think about these eyelash tips? You have your own tips to share? Share it with us!
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