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What are the Most Common Causes of Sharp Pain?

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Sharp pain is a quality of pain in which it seems like there is a pointed object that’s poking you on the affected area. Unlike dull pain, it’s something that you can point to right away when a doctor asks you where it hurts. There are many different causes of sharp pain in various parts of your body, and some of the most common ones can be found below.

Feel free to share this article on your various social media sites afterwards to give everyone you care about an idea on which problems can leave them experiencing sharp pain. And also, the pieces of information found below should not be mistaken for medical advice that only your primary health care provider can give.

Ice Pick Headaches

There are various forms of headaches, each one making itself known by means of a different type of pain. Just like what the name says, an ice pick headache is something that can cause sharp pain. Because many describe it like someone is stabbing their heads with a knife, it’s also referred to as stabbing headaches by some.


First things first: appendicitis is a medical emergency and that’s why you should be rushed to the ER the moment you suspect that it’s the cause of your sharp pain. Appendicitis usually starts as dull pain near the navel, which becomes sharp as it moves towards the lower right area of your abdomen.

Rupture of Gallbladder

Your gallbladder serves as a storage space for bile, a liquid produced by the liver that’s necessitated for the digestion of fats. Sometimes the gallbladder becomes inflamed due to gallstones or infections. When it does rupture, you may experience sharp pain in your abdomen.

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Ectopic Pregnancy

A fertilized egg should be attached to the wall inside the uterus. If it attaches elsewhere, ectopic pregnancy happens. Some of the telltale signs of ectopic pregnancy are vaginal bleeding as well as severe and sharp pain in the belly area, although at times pain may be mild and dull.

Herniated Disc

In between the bones that make up your spine is a disc. It’s something that makes it possible for your backbone to bend and move around trouble-free. At times the said disc may slide out of place. Sharp pain is one of the symptoms of a slipped or herniated disc.


Simply put, arthritis is the inflammation of the joints. It is characterized by damage to the tissues that keep the bones of your joints from rubbing against one another. That is why moving a joint that’s affected by arthritis can cause you to experience sharp pain each time.


Ligaments are fibrous tissues that connect the bones that meet in a joint. While engaging in sports, working out or during accidents, you may twist or wrench your ligaments. This causes what’s referred to as a sprain, and it’s something that is often characterized by sharp pain.


You can think of a strain as a sprain that affects the muscles instead of the ligaments. So in other words, it happens when you overstretch or even tear your muscles. A sharp pain is one of the first few things that you will experience if you just strained a muscle.


Your ribcage is made up of bones and cartilages. Sometimes the cartilages, especially the ones that attach each rib to the breastbone or sternum, can become inflamed. It’s what’s called costochondritis, and it can cause sharp pain especially each time you cough or take a deep breath.

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WARNING: If the sharp pain you are experiencing refuses to go away after a few days or seems to intensify, make sure that you see a doctor ASAP. This is most especially true if it comes with some unusual symptoms.

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