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How to Reverse Aging of Skin Around the Eyes

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All over your body, the thinnest skin is the one that’s around your eyes. It’s for this reason exactly why it’s around your peepers where the first few signs of aging first shows up. Needless to say, it’s also the first one to get damaged by unnecessary exposure to the sun because of its thinness.

If right now you are spotting fine lines and drooping around what’s touted as the windows to your soul, keep your eyes peeled and read on. Below you will come across some tips coming from dermatologists themselves on how to reverse aging of skin around your eyes — yes, there’s no need for you to undergo the knife!

Stay Away From the Sun

There are many different things that can cause premature aging signs including those that are found around your eyes. However, it is the sun that is the number one culprit. Needless to say, if you want that skin aging around your peepers to get reversed or stop from progressing, you should keep it from being touched by the sun.

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Regularly applying sunscreen — this is the most important step that you can take. Make sure that the sunscreen you are about to use has an SPF of 30 or greater and suits your specific skin type. Dermatologists say that you may also don supersized sunglasses with wrap-around styles to keep your eyes out of harm’s way.

Moisturize and Drink Lots of Water

Aging signs around your eyes become more pronounced the dryer your skin gets. This is the reason why it is a must for the application of a moisturizer to be a part of your everyday beauty regiment. It is a good idea for you to invest in a high quality eye cream that can provide intense moisture without hurting your skin and irritating your peepers.

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It’s not enough that you purchase and apply moisturizer around your eyes — it is also very important for you to hydrate your skin from within. So in other words, you should consume plenty of water. On a daily basis, it’s recommended for you to drink about 2 liters of water — more if you sweat a lot or the weather is hot.

Eat Vitamin C-Rich Foods

Nothing can stop you from getting your hands on those pricey eye creams and serums that have collagen in them if you have a sky’s-the-limit type of budget when it comes to making sure that you always look young and beautiful. However, did you know that your body can actually make its own stash of collagen?

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If you want to optimize the ability of your body to synthesize collagen, what you need to do is consume tropical fruits, dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and bell peppers — all of these are excellent food sources of vitamin C. According to dermatologists, vitamin C is a major role player when it comes to the production of collagen.

Opt for a Healthier Lifestyle

Make sure that you steer clear of anything that can accelerate the process of the aging of your skin, including that which surrounds your eyes. One of the habits that are scientifically proven to speed up skin aging is cigarette smoking. Another is excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Staying wide awake through the night can also make the skin around your peepers age at a much faster rate. Partying all night long can definitely make you cool, but it can also certainly make you look older. If you’re suffering from insomnia, you’ll be more than glad to know that there are so many home remedies for the said sleep problem.

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Don’t forget to share this article on your various social media sites most especially if you have lots and lots of beauty-conscious family and friends — they will surely appreciate your concern! And if you have some other tips on reversing aging of skin around the eyes effectively, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


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