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Drink Any of These on a Daily Basis for a Summer-Ready Body

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Summer is just around the bend, so it’s time to get all of your clothes and accessories perfect for the season standing by. Oh, and don’t forget to prepare your body for all the upcoming fun and excitement under the sun!

As early as now, you should start getting your gym membership and considering what you put on your plate. It’s also a very good idea to mind what you guzzle down. Many of your favorite beverages are packed with sugar, which only means that they are loaded with calories that can keep you from having that summer-perfect body.

Forget reaching for a can of your beloved soda or a 20-ounce serving of your favorite mocha frappuccino. What you need to do to in order to kick start your preparation for summer is to consume the following instead:

Green Tea

When you take a look at the list of ingredients of many weight loss supplements on the current market, it is very much likely for you to come across green tea extract. But why pay for those really expensive pills that also contain other questionable ingredients when drinking a cup of green tea can help you slim down, too?

Experts say that consuming 3 to 5 cups of freshly-brewed green tea per day can help increase synthesis of fat. If you are sensitive to caffeine, however, have fewer servings of it a day.


Speaking of caffeine, you can also drink coffee on a regular basis if you are not that sensitive to the said chemical. Do make sure that every cup you make is black, which means it’s devoid of anything that’s calorie-laden.

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Did you know that a cup of coffee only contains 2 calories? But if you put sugar, milk and all the usual extras into it, the amount of calories it contains can multiply drastically. So whenever you are taking your coffee break, look forward to summertime and skip adding those extras into your beverage.

Vegetable Juice

What’s so nice about vegetable juice is it contains far more calories than any fruit juice that you can think of. Because there are so many vegetables that can be juiced, you can come up with a nice surprise each and every time. Not a fan of vegetable juice? Then simply toss in a few slices of your favorite fruits.

Everyone knows that vegetables are loaded with water and dietary fiber. It’s for this reason why consuming vegetable juice before every meal can save you from eating more foods than necessary.

Whey Protein

Consuming whey protein can help you slim down because it helps build muscles — and the more muscles you have, the more calories you burn whether you are on the move or at rest.

Additionally, it can be challenging for the body to digest protein such as whey, and this results in the burning of more calories. Just make sure that you steer clear of whey protein shakes that are loaded with calories when shopping, and they are usually the ones that come with the fanciest and most appealing flavors of the bunch.

Ice-Cold Water

Last but not least, you can consume ice-cold water. We all know that drinking enough water on an everyday basis is vital for health. Also, it’s something that can ward off hunger pangs and overeating because it makes your tummy full.

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But did you know that drinking ice-cold water can help you shed off more unwanted pounds because it causes the metabolism to go really fast? When you gulp down ice-cold water, lots of calories will be used in order to bring up its temperature, causing your metabolic rate to accelerate.

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