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The Art of Being Fit

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It is always heartbreaking for any athlete to no longer be able to play the sport that he or she loves. Let’s say that you were an NBA player on the pinnacle of your skill. Your averages are 25 points per game, 6 rebounds per game, and 4 assists per game. These are numbers that you produce on a daily basis to whomever teams you face. These are stellar numbers that only 2 or 3 players can best. What if one day as you are making a move to the basket, you tear your Achilles heel? You will need to immediately have this checked and diagnosed by the best doctors available.

What if they tell you that you will be no longer fit enough to play another game of basketball ever again? Or that it would be almost impossible for you to return to the game the same way.

As you train tirelessly to return to peak form, you will need to regularly get checked by doctors to determine whether you are fit enough to return. This process is called physical tests. Athletes regularly have to pass this in order to play their respective sports. This physical examination can be similar to sports physicals. Sports physicals are a group of tests required by all states to be administered by all schools to their students. The school officials in charge of administering these tests are the school’s physicians, wherein they determine whether a child is healthy enough to participate in a sport. The sports physical test also helps the school and its officials to know about a certain complication or disease that the student has in the event of an emergency.

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A good metaphor is that a sports physical is a passport that people need to go to different countries and the visa is the approval that they have passed the physical. If they are not able to get the proper visa, then that means that they have failed the physical.

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is much like a general checkup, wherein physicians conduct a series of tests to determine if a student is fit enough to play a certain sport. A sports physical is a comprehensive wellness exam that puts complete emphasis on every physical aspect of a student. Most people might have the notion that a sports physical is an assembly line of students in the infirmary who are examined by the nurse in such a way that they must turn their heads and cough one by one. This idea is inaccurate because sports physicals are properly conducted by
physicians who have an existing relationship with the students. This relationship speaks about the familiarity of the physician to the student’s current physical condition, which will determine whether a student can play in the basketball, baseball, or football teams of their school.

Health history

Sports physicals are a requirement for students by all state and school regulations. Students must pass these tests, which is conducted to them by their coaches and school physician. They will need to fill up a health form that requires them to give information on:

– Students must give the school physician their complete medical history. They will be asked on any medical complications that they may have experienced in the past. This includes injuries, allergies, and previous vaccinations as well as past surgeries and illnesses.

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– Students will also need to list down any medications that they are currently taking.

– Students also need to include a complete family history. Indicated here are past medical conditions experienced by family members.

Physical examination

Once the student has filled up all the requirements asked to them, they will need to undergo a physical examination. The requirements of this physical exam are:

– Height and weight measurement

This pertains to a student being the right height and weight that is ideal for the certain sport. It is also important to determine whether there are any problems with weight disorders such as obesity and eating disorders.

-Heart, Blood pressure, pulse rate

This is to check whether the student has any heart complications that will occur when a certain sport is played.

– Genitals inspection

This inspection is important in being able to determine whether a student has complications in their genitals. This speaks about testicular diseases and hernias, which a student will not be able to participate in sports.

– Abdomen inspection

There are certain sports that are more physical such as football or wrestling. This test will determine whether a student will experience a stomach rupture if he or she participates in a contact sport.

– Testing for normal joint motion in your necks, arms, back, and legs

To participate in sports, the full range of use for you joints and muscles are extremely important. If the student has a joint problem, the chance of injury becomes bigger.

– Examination of the ears, nose, and throat

These are standard examination procedures that must be conducted to students.

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– Vision test

To participate in various sports, students must have the ideal eyesight. If their eyesight is bad, the chance of them getting an injury is extremely big. They must pass the eye test if they will be cleared to participate in certain sports such as basketball, baseball, football, and soccer.

At the end of the exam, the school physician will either sign the form that allows the student to participate in the school varsity as well as being fit enough to participate in Physical Education class because they are physically fit enough. There are also a few cases that the student does not pass the sports physical and a follow up exam is then required to be administered to the student after a certain period of time. The student may need to get a check-up from his/her family’s doctor in order to seek the proper treatment.

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