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Feel Sexy and Confident with Flat Boobs

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Most women today are very self-conscious about their breast size. While some may not understand why, the simple answer to why breasts are such a big deal to people is because of its relation to sex. Breasts are perhaps the only body part related to sex that could be openly seen. Even if some women are wearing loose or conservative tops, their breast size is still very visible. But why do people think that large breasts are better? Men have always been fixated with breasts. This is why you would always see a model or actress with large breasts on the front page of magazines, specifically Playboy or FHM magazines. In society’ s culture today, large breasts are considered to be highly attractive and will definitely add plus points for a woman.

The breast size of a woman can either be a liability or an asset. While skinny women are endowed with slim arms and legs, most are unsatisfied with the size of their breasts. There are several skinny actresses and models that even went under the knife to possess larger breasts. However what many people don’ t know is that skinny women with small breasts don’ t necessarily have to undergo surgery just to get larger breasts. There are several cheaper and natural remedies that can help you get rid of small breasts. Here at our article, you will learn the different to get natural remedies larger breasts, starting with the wonders of padded and push up bras, diet modifications, to different natural enhancement methods. With this article, skinny women are now one step closer to improving their breast size.

Say Good Bye To Your Flat Chest With the Right Bra

We all know that the most popular way to get larger boobs fast is by undergoing breast-enlargement surgery. However not only is this surgery very expensive, it can also be dangerous. There are several complications that can rise from a breast enlargement or breast augmentation surgery, among them is an infection that can lead to a serious illness named ‘ Toxic shock syndrome”.

If you’ re a skinny girl and you want larger breasts but you don’ t want to sacrifice thousands of dollars or the condition of your health, don’ t worry because there is a lot of natural enhancement methods that can help you get larger breasts. These methods will cost very little or nothing at all, and they don’ t have any harmful side effects.

  • The Push Up Bra – There are several types of bras that can help you enhance your breast size, the push up bra being one of them. Like what the name implies, push up bras can give breasts that extra push and “umph”. Aside from pushing up the breasts, push up bras can draw the breasts closer and thus creating more cleavage, giving the illusion that a girl has large breasts. Almost every bra and lingerie brand has push up bras available but the best push up bra brand is the Wonderbra.
  • Water or Gel Padded Bras – While push up bras are great for giving an effect that makes breasts look bigger, this effect can sometimes seem unrealistic for some girls, especially girls with extra flat chests. To get a more natural look, the best option for you would be to get bras that have water, gel, or air padding. Not only do these bras give out a more natural effect during movement, it also provides a more noticeable enhancement. Perhaps the only downside with water, gel, or air-padded bras is that they can be a bit more expensive when compared to traditional padded and push up bras. Air-padded bras also don’ t last very long since the air in the padding tends to leak out thus needing frequent replacement.
  • Normal Padded Bras – The traditional padded bra has a foam padding instead of gel, air or water. The purpose of foam-padded bras is that they give flat chested ladies fuller looking breasts. On the downside, foam-padded bras do not lift the breasts or push them together to give more cleavage.
  • Wearing the Right Bra Size – While we’ re in the topic of bras, it’ s always important to remember that the key to getting larger looking breasts with the use of bras is by wearing a bra that fits you like a charm. Sure, it’ s tempting to wear a C cup even though fit perfectly in a B-Cup bra to make your breasts seem larger, but wearing a bra that isn’ t right for you can actually be a disadvantage. Another reason why some women wear the wrong bra is because they haven’ t been correctly measured yet. To know your right bra size, you can measure it yourself or you can go to a department store to have yourself fitted. Don’ t be shy with the ladies or assistants at the department stores because they are professionals and chances are that they’ ve seen it all.
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Increase Your Breast Size Naturally By Eating the Right Food

The breasts are composed of fat tissue. The larger or chubbier a girl gets, the larger their breasts. This is the reason why you would often see chubby or large girls with big breasts and skinny girls with small breasts. One way to naturally enlarge your breast size is by increasing the amount of fat in your body. On the other hand, simply eating foods

that are rich in fat to get larger breasts is not that easy. For one thing, if you eat fatty foods, there is a big chance that you will end up increasing your overall body instead of just your breasts. Eating the right type of food is the key to getting larger breasts naturally. Here are the types of food that can help you increase your breast size without making your body bigger.

  • Chicken – There is actually a truth behind the “urban legend”on how eating chicken can make your breast size bigger. The chickens you buy in stores and restaurants have been injected with estrogen to make their breasts bigger. This also works for humans since the estrogen hormone can make the breasts larger for both men and women. However you have to remember to eat commercialized chicken in moderation since too much estrogen can be a bad thing. High levels of estrogen can lead to serious illnesses like breast cancer.
  • Milk – Milk is known to be rich in fat. Milk is also known to be one of the healthiest foods in the food pyramid. Drinking milk regularly can help you increase your breast size however drinking too much than what is necessary can increase the weight of your entire body. Remember to drink milk in moderation and keep watch of your weight.
  • Tofu – Some people don’ t like tofu because it can taste bland when it isn’ t prepared correctly however tofu is one of the healthiest types of foods out there. Tofu, wheat germ, and oats are rich with phytoestrogens, which can increase your breast size, as well as make them look firmer.
  • Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away, or in this case a cosmetic surgeon since including apples in your diet can actually make your breasts larger. Just like tofu and wheat germ, apples contain phytoestrogens. If you include these foods in your daily diet, you will be one step closer to getting bigger breasts as well as having a healthy body. Of course if you have a flat chest, you won’ t magically have your A-Cup breasts turn into C-Cups after eating these types of food. The process will take long but it will yield realistic results.
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The Reality

For a lot of women, it is their dream to have larger breasts. In some cases, the breast size has nothing to do with the amount of your fat in your body. A girl’ s breast size is determined by genetics. Try to look at the outer form of the breasts of your sisters or cousins. If they have small breasts, there is a chance that you will end up developing somewhat small breasts as well. You can include the food that we’ ve listed above into your diet but the results won’ t be life changing. Like what we’ ve mentioned earlier, eating food that are rich in estrogen or fat won’ t turn your breasts from an A-cup to a C-cup since the only way to achieve that is by getting a breast augmentation surgery.

If your genetics predisposed you to small breasts, don’ t worry because large breasts aren’ t everything. In fact, there are several men today that dislike large breasts. It is not true that all men are fixated on large breasts since it is actually more of a case-to-case basis. In fact, even large breasts have their fair share of disadvantages. For one thing, having large breasts isn’ t a perk once you get older since sagging breasts are a common problem all thanks to gravity. Oftentimes it is women with small breasts who get to keep their breasts perky even after they’ ve gotten older. If you’ re happy and healthy, try to be more satisfied with your body especially because big breasts aren’ t everything.

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