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Supplements that Can Make Your Hair Healthier

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Women are always conscious of how they look from their head all the way to their toes that anything that is out of place drives them crazy at times. And when it comes to our hair, we just want to have that gorgeous mane those women in shampoo commercials have all the time. But life can interfere with how our hair looks what with the constant exposure to environmental stressors, the food that we eat, our hygiene, even the stress that we experience on a daily basis can contribute to the sorry state that our hair is in right now. How then can you revive your dull and brittle hair? Well, taking these supplements may help you out.

Evening primrose oil

Evening primrose oil is known for its ability to stop hair loss in its tracks. You can take it in pure oil form if you like where it can actually help improve the texture as well as quality of your mane, including how your skin and nails look too. Evening primrose oil can also help treat your dandruff and any hair and scalp infections that are troubling you. The recommended dosage for this supplement is 2 capsules of 500mg per day.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a large role to the cells in our body, including those that are found in our hair. If you want to make your hair grow faster and thicker, then it is imperative that you add this vitamin to your diet or take it as a supplement. What this vitamin does is to help your scalp produce natural oils that can keep it nourished and properly moisturized. The antioxidants that are found in this vitamin can prevent the scalp as well as your hair from drying out.

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Vitamin C

Collagen is necessary for our hair’s growth as well as its thickness which is why you need to have vitamin C in your system. What this vitamin can do for you is to protect your hair from dryness and greying too. The antioxidants that are contained in vitamin C prevent our hair from getting damaged because of the free radicals that may be present in our system. Taking this supplement has been found to slow down pattern baldness too. Missing out on this vital nutrient can make your hair appear brittle and weak and may cause more shedding on your part. You can take it in supplement form or load on up on foods that contain this vitamin such as citrus fruits.


Also known as vitamin H, biotin is another type of B vitamin that naturally occurs in various foods that can help support our nerves, skin, digestion, and metabolism even. Taking foods or supplements that contain this vitamin can help boost hair growth while preventing brittle nails, dryness of your hair, and even the appearance of skin rashes too especially in children. Biotin supplements promote the growth of new skin and hair cells which can be a lifesaver for those who are suffering from hair loss or poor looking skin too.

Omega-3 fatty acids

We all know that omega-3 fatty acids are good for the heart, but their benefits also include protecting and nourishing your hair too. These fatty acids can lend your hair that extra shine to it because they help facilitate efficient delivery of nutrients to your hair cells. You can take it in supplement form or look for foods that contain high amounts of omega-3s such as wild caught fish.

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Keeping your hair healthy is possible with the aid of these nutritional supplements. Adding them to your diet may help ensure that your hair will grow strong and healthy.

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