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Common Causes of Chapped Lips

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From talking to kissing, there are so many everyday activities that you perform with your lips. It’s exactly for this reason why having chapped lips can be a real nuisance. Although there are numerous solutions available on the market for dry and cracked lips, many of the best can actually be found in the average kitchen, it’s still a much better idea to keep chapped lips from striking in the first place. In order to save yourself from experiencing this uncomfortable and oftentimes painful ordeal, it’s a good idea for you to know its causes.

If you are prone to having chapped lips and you want to keep the issue at bay, keep on reading. Below you will come across some of the most common causes of it as known them is key to prevention. Don’t forget to repost this article afterwards to let everyone you care about also know how to spare their lips from ending up dry and cracked.

Exposure to the Elements

Since your lips are sensitive, exposing them to cold air or the wind can cause them to become dry easily. The same is true if they come into contact with the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s a good idea to shield your lips from the elements by using lip balm or sunscreen as necessary.

Licking Your Lips

If you think that licking your lips can keep them from being chapped, think again. The fact is licking them can make them more prone to ending up parched and cracked. Instead of moistening your lips with your saliva, reach for that tube or tub of lip balm in your bag or pocket.

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Breathing Through Your Mouth

Having stuffy or runny nose can easily cause your lips to become chapped because you breathe through your mouth, which is something that can dry up your lips. If you are told that your mouth is open while you’re in dreamland, apply lip balm generously before catching some shut eye.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Are you drinking about 2 liters of water per day? If not, then don’t be surprised why your lips tend to be dry and cracked all the time. It’s important to keep your lips moisturized outside and from within as well. Also, limit your intake of coffee and alcohol as they can leave you dehydrated.

Steering Clear of Fat

Not all fat is bad. Some of them actually have health and beauty benefits, in particular the friendly ones. Fatty fish, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are good for keeping your lips hydrated. They’re also beneficial for your brain, heart and joints.

Consuming Irritating Foods

Sometimes it’s not the foods that you avoid that can be blamed for the problem, but the foods that you love eating. For many, foods that are spicy and acidic can wreak havoc to their lips. The consumption of very dry or rough foods can also be blamed, so limit your intake of them.

Using Products With Harsh Ingredients

At times it’s what you use for beauty and hygiene purposes that may be blamed for your chapped lips. Before placing a facial wash, lip balm, toothpaste or mouthwash in your shopping cart, check the list of ingredients first. Put it back on the shelf if it contains something harsh or irritating.

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Having Certain Medical Conditions

If none of the above seems to be the culprit, consider paying your doctor a visit. In some cases, chapped lips may be a sign of an undiagnosed medical condition. Herpes, candidiasis, impetigo and thyroid disorders are some of those that can cause the lips to become dry and cracked.


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