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An Apple a Day: Why you Really Should Trade your Sweets for Fruits, Other Natural Sugar Sources and Protein

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Sugar may be the most corrupt and undermined villain in the food world.  It just keeps getting away with its deeds leaving a lot of people very lethargic, slow and sickly while many individuals remain ignorant about this beast.  Often you’d hear people complain about fat, animal fat and cooking oils and garnishing oils but sugar, processed white sugar that is much worse.  Fat is actually good for you and without it you will be sickly or possibly die even.  Sugar comes from nature and not only found in fruits but in vegetables, meat, grains and other natural sources.  We never needed a lot of sugar and we can get enough from the foods we eat, if you really cannot stand it have an apple.  You do not deserve that chocolate cake treat yet, you have not dieted and exercised properly yet to earn it.

  Fat gets framed and takes a lot of blame, but it is hydrogenated or saturated fat that is bad and blood vessel clogging.  Pork fat, chicken fat, beef fat and other animal fats still contain nutrients, in moderate amounts with moderate exercise you will be fine.  It is when humans mess with sugar that it is given a new persona, one that is carcinogenic, destroys cells, clogs the body with toxins and fools your brain into thinking you are full…even if you are low on protein and good fat.  Fish oil or fish fat, coconut oils, olive oils, grapeseed oil, mustard oil, avocado oil, sunflower seed oil, garlic oil and many others are healthy fat alternatives.  They even help fight cholesterol, excess fat and blood sugar.  Now that it is clear that processed white sugar is the villain and not fat let us focus on healthy sugar sources.

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  Beware and change your diet, at least remove or minimize intake of white sugar, sodas, candies, candy bars and other lower quality, commercialized goods, they are usually no good.  Diabetes is a different monster from high blood pressure or a risk of heart attack, those are more easily reversible.  With determination and a careful, balanced diet type 2 diabetes can be reversed but it takes more work.  What is a real party killer with diabetes is that it totally wrecks your basic functions, your blood has to be cleaned through machines.  Diabetes is so bad that even too much healthy sugar can affect you badly yet too little sugar is dangerous too!  Diabetics often have emergency soda cans or syrups in case they become low blood sugar.

Let us break our addictions!  Hey food is a drug too don’t deny it.  Sugar, especially white sugar is one hell of a drug, you only think you need it but you gotta go push through the withdrawal and you will realize how good you feel!  Fresh, light, clean with a more happy disposition and regular bathroom trips…excessive sugar intake will not make you feel that good.  Even a small bit of white sugar treats everyday can still badly affect your body chemistry and gym goals…unless you work out thoroughly 3-6 times a week.  But you aren’t there yet are you?  Just try it.  Not permanent, no sugar for 4-7 days except for fruits like grapefruit and lemons.  Try staying away even from apples, just mostly citrus.  After your dreadful sugar fast you will see your skin is getting clearer and your excess actually melting!  Now try introducing healthy sweeteners in your life and forget white sugar ever swept you off your feet.  Cane sugar, agave syrup, fruit syrups, coconut sugar, muscovado, stevia and all kinds of honey will save your life and sweet tooth.  The less sugar you have, the less you want in the long run.

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It is also not the best idea to break your fast or start out with candy, even if you are hungry.  Start with a clean egg with olive oil, or a piece of chicken.  Have an apple for dessert, there, you just saved your metabolism.  Even if you are converting to healthy sugars you must train your mind and body to be protein dependent not sugar dependent!

Have an apple, a pear, slice em up maybe even dip them in pure chocolate unsweetened, with a dash of salt and cayenne.  That is guilt free, especially if the chocolate is real pure.  Pineapples also have crazy enzymes that digest nearly anything in its path, bit still sweet and nice.  Blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, raw cocoa, cherries, kiwis, plums, cloves, star anise, peppermint, flaxseed, oregano, elderberry, chestnuts, rosemary, thyme, blackcurrant, olives and pecans all sound like healthy snacks you can make a fresh dessert out of but there is more.  They contain phytochemicals called polyphenols which are plant compounds that give berries, wine and cocoa their rich color, astringent taste and oxidative properties.  In other words polyphenols help give these crops their powerful antioxidant abilities making them easy to digest.  With fruits and other natural sources you get nutrients, antioxidants along with a good amount of fiber and clean energy, no sugar crash.

Do not buy that soda and go for cane sugar or honey lemonade instead!

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