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Diet Myths Debunked

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People nowadays are more aware and concerned with their overall health that it’s not really surprising why they’re always in the lookout for diet tips that will help them lose the weight that they have gained over time. Unfortunately, because of so many diet tips out there being circulated, many have fallen into the trap of attempting to do everything that they’ve read online only to find that they aren’t really working.

So which of these diet myths have already been debunked? Here are some to keep in mind.

  • You just eat when you’re hungry. There is a common misconception that you are actually helping yourself lose weight by eating only when you’re hungry. Unfortunately, this is doing the exact opposite because you are more likely to eat more when you’re starving. Health and fitness experts recommend that you space your meals evenly so that your stomach will feel full longer so you won’t be eating more than just a serving during meal time.
  • Removing carbohydrates from your diet. Carbs are seen as food demons nowadays which make you fat. However, removing carbs from your diet is actually unhealthy because it will leave you tired, irritable, and constipated even. If you’re not eating carbohydrates, you are putting yourself at risk of heart problems and colon cancer. A much better option would be to go with organic sources of carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and dairy while reducing your consumption of refined carbs.
  • Everything in moderation. Another diet myth that has been debunked and one that you should be aware of is the concept of eating in moderation. This diet myth actually puts people in danger of eating foods that are not good for their health because they don’t believe in foods that are good and bad. For example, eating a chocolate chip cookie is not that bad given that you’re eating a single piece only but this can actually trigger binge eating which can make you gain weight. It’s considerably better to look for foods that can provide you with several health benefits rather than just eating everything in moderation.
  • Diet foods can make you lose weight. On the contrary, this isn’t true. A lot of people have already fallen into the trap of diet foods such as those that have already been pre-packaged because they were tempted with the word “diet” in the package. Unfortunately, these pre-packaged diet foods actually contain more carbs, sodium, and sugar that are likely culprits to weight gain. It would be better if you look for organic foods like vegetables and fruits because they can help you lose weight without you having to worry about sneaky calories hidden in these health foods.
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These diet myths have been around for some time now but it’s only recently when they were debunked by the experts. If you really want to lose weight, you should learn that not all diet myths or tips that you see online actually work so you need to exercise caution as much as possible.

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