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Advantages of Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

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Taking care of your hair should be part of your beauty routine since your hair plays a role on your overall look. Yes, you’ve probably used different hair products to leave your hair shiny and sleek, but sometimes these products themselves can clog the pores on your scalp. This causes your hair strands to become limp and dull looking which can make you feel less confident. Well, many are turning to natural hair treatments to help them manage their mane and one of them is using mayonnaise on their hair.

There are many benefits to be gained when you use mayonnaise to treat your hair. Here are some that you should take into consideration.

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Moisturizes hair

Dry and brittle hair can lead to frizzy ends that can make your hair appear wild and unmanageable. No matter how much hair oil you apply on it, it may not give it the smooth appearance that you want it to have. Using mayonnaise on your hair, on the other hand, can help moisturize your hair better because of the vitamins and minerals that it contains. Using this treatment a few times can bring the natural bounce to your mane.

Boosts hair growth

Another benefit that you can get out of mayonnaise hair treatment is that it can help speed up your hair growth. You see, mayonnaise has vinegar, egg yolks, as well as oils that are known to nourish the hair. It also contains L-cysteine which has been found to contribute to faster hair growth.

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Restores pH balance

Like it was mentioned before, mayonnaise contains vinegar which has been found to be effective when it comes to bringing back the natural pH levels on your scalp. When this happens, it means that your hair and scalp will become healthier because any bacteria that thrives on your scalp will be eliminated.

Straightens hair

Another advantage to using mayonnaise hair treatment is that it helps you straighten your hair. If you are trying to manage your curly hair, or would like to have straighter looking hair, applying mayonnaise every once in a while can help you get the results that you are looking for. If your hair has a lot of frizz, you will find that this solution can help tame that problem.

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Provides protection

Mayonnaise hair treatment is not just about helping you deal with stubborn frizzy hair but it can also provide it with ample protection against the constant exposure we are giving it on a daily basis. When you use this hair treatment, you are helping seal the hair strands so that the moisture will not disappear. Plus, the UV rays simply get bounced off which prevents your hair from becoming dull and dry.

Eliminate head lice

If your child has head lice which has already spread throughout the household, you might want to open your jar of mayonnaise and apply it on hair and scalp. The combination of ingredients in the mayo, such as vinegar, oils, and egg yolks can cause the lice to suffocate thus killing them off. Apply a generous amount of mayonnaise on your head and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. You’ll see a marked improvement afterwards.

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Makes hair shiny

Dull looking hair can rob you of your confidence to be sure but this will not last long since the use of mayonnaise hair treatment can bring back the natural shine to your hair. With regular use, you won’t have to use hair serums just to create that shine because mayonnaise is going to get the job done.

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