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Summer Nail Colors that Pop

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When we think about summer, we often envision lots of sand, sea, and sun. Of course, this also means wearing those skimpy outfits and beachwear to cool yourself down while getting that sun-kissed skin that you’ve always wanted. This also means matching your nail color with the season to complete your overall look. But what is the right summer color anyhow?

This depends mostly on your preferences but if you are looking to match your nails with your outfit or even the summer environment, here are a few summer colors to consider.

  1. Dusty pastel blue. If you’re looking for a color that can go with any outfit that you have in mind, go for the pale blue shade. As a matter of fact, milky pastels are considered the new neutral nowadays as they can actually go well with any color outfit for the summer.
  2. Scorching sun. For those who want to make a statement with their nails, the Scorching Sun by Tom Ford is worth considering as its color will not only reflect the hot summer sun but will make your nails catch anyone’s eyes too. Bold colors like this will definitely make a statement in no time.
  3. Mauve-y plum. If you want a nail color that will match the rising temperature of the summer, go for the mauve-y plum colors. This color is not too light or too dark. In the words of Goldilocks, it’s just right. This is the perfect choice if you want your nail colors to transition from spring to summer.
  4. Milky pink. For those who want to show off their feminine charms in their nails, the milky pink hue will work perfectly for you. This is a good change from your usual warmer tones during the winter and will work well with any outfit that you are wearing for spring and summer.
  5. Bold red. Just like lipstick, reds are definitely hot for the summer. As a matter of fact, this classic color can suit any season and will look great not only on your lips but on your nails too. With the classic crimson red, your nails will do all the talking.
  6. Taupe-y pink. Skip the grays and opt for something more uplifting now that the summer season is here. Go for taupe-y pink shade as it is light and warm at the same time. What’s more, this is a good color choice before you transition to the more brilliant shades for the summer.
  7. Electric lilac. If you are not yet ready to apply neon colors to your nails just yet, go for the electric lilac instead to boost your mood. This vibrant color is suitable for adding hints of life to your fingers and your outfit without going overboard. For sure, your mood will get a boost from this color since you will be warming up to the color and the idea of summer.
  8. Muted lavender-gray. Traditional greys are all well and good but when it comes to making the transition from winter to spring and the warmth of summer, it is time to move on to the more striking colors. However, if you are still not ready to make the move to pastels, the toned down lavender-grey is a good choice as it is more interesting to look at compared to the drab greys.
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These colors are just a few worth mentioning when it comes to beautifying your nails for the summer. It’s nice to experiment with colors especially if you are looking for a shade that will work perfectly with your skin color and your fashion sense.

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