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5 Foods to Cleanse the Liver

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The liver plays an important role in our body as it is the one responsible for converting Previewstored sugar to energy as needed, remove toxins and other harmful substances from the food that we eat, breaks down old red blood cells, and even stores iron and other vitamins. Just imagine how much work the liver does for us. What’s scary is that when our liver doesn’t function as well as before, we are putting ourselves at risk from various diseases because our immune system will also be compromised.

Fortunately, you can ensure that your liver is working in good condition based on the food that you eat. If you want to help cleanse your liver, you need to incorporate these five foods in your diet.

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Lemons. Lemons are high in vitamin C content which helps eliminate toxins and other chemicals in your body. Eating this fruit actually helps reduce your liver cholesterol so that it will be in perfect health. You can make some lemon juice which you need to drink first thing in the morning. This will help boost your liver’s function.

Tomatoes. One reason why tomatoes are good additions to your diet is that they contain glutathione which can aid in cleansing your liver. What’s more, tomatoes contain lycopene which can protect you against skin cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer just to name a few. You can toss some tomatoes in your salad or stews and soups if you like.

Turmeric. Another food that is good for cleansing the liver is turmeric. This spice has actually been used for its medicinal properties for ages and is now being promoted as a must-have in any pantry. This is due to its anti-inflammatory property which can minimize any infections as well as treat various illnesses including the ones that affect your liver.

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Olive oil. Olive oil is a type of cold-pressed that is actually good for your body and your liver. The same thing goes true with hemp and flaxseed as these two can also help detoxify your liver from impurities. What these oils do is that they suck the toxins from your body before eliminating them. This prevents build-up of harmful chemicals in the body that can result to high risk of suffering from various illnesses.

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Green leafy veggies. Of course, when it comes to cleansing the liver, you shouldn’t forget to add green leafy vegetables to your diet. Plant based foods are actually helpful when it comes to cleansing the liver because they contain chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, as well as other healthy enzymes that promote better detoxification. The leafy greens are actually quite versatile in the kitchen because you can prepare them in any way that you like.

When it comes to detoxifying your liver, don’t forget to eat these foods as they can speed up the cleansing of your liver so that it will be able to function 100% in no time. By cleansing your liver from time to time, you are actually assisting your liver to work to its full capacity.

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