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Lower your Sugar, Fat and Cholesterol!

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Forget dangerous prescription pills and ineffective, starving diets.  Stick to the natural things always.  Make fresh sources from nature the basis of your health and self treatment.  We are all responsible for being our own doctors to a certain extent.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables we know deep  good for us but we do not always practice it.

You do not have to give up the real good things like protein, protein fat and plant fat, carbs and even forms of healthy sugar.  For the sake of your longevity and overall feeling of goodness please greatly minimize if not exclude the complete and utter junk, get rid of the vermin of the food pyramid.  You and your body do not need it, that kind of fake “food” is addicting and you know what I am talking about.  I am talking about junk and processed food I will not ever feed to my dog.

Even when I am drunk I will go for a decent fast food burger at the most, never from the land of golden arches.  Anything laden with chemicals, preservatives, weird unnecessary food coloring, sodium-rich and the worse of them all: processed white sugar.  People tend to be in denial how unhealthy they are and that their diet is causing it.  You are what you eat, so before judging right away please look at your daily plates, including what your snacks consist of.

You should reprogram your cravings and habits.  Come on you are a big girl or big boy, you have an idea of basic nutrition and if you do not like flipping pages the internet or a nearby nutritionist or trainer to help you out.  But do this for yourself, do not deprive yourself instead divert your cravings.  Cravings are created in the mind and can be obliterated in the mind.  Food is a drug if you treat it as such, people with way too high blood pressure, cholesterol, fat percentage, blood sugar levels and such are addicts.  When food is the drug people who fall victim to it do not admit they have a problem right away, at times they do not even know they have a problem.

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If you are a sugar addict rid of sickening white sugar and go for honey, cane sugar, coconut sugar, fruit syrups, agave syrup, muscovado, and stevia and of course apples, pears, oranges, berries, bananas, coconuts and more.  If you have fatty cravings do not go for fast food or cakes and excessive pastry layers, go for chicken, leaner pork and beef, a yummy piece of fish, rich crops like avocado, sweet potato and luscious fruits.  If carbs are your weakness go for gluten-free flatbreads, lentils, sweet and regular potatoes, red, brown and black rice are some healthy examples.  And on top of that get as many kinds of veggies as you can and try making some or half of that raw or at least half raw.

People do not realize they are sugary drink addicts and drinking calories can be less felt but is more effective at times in causing obesity.

Here are some quick ideas on healthy cocktail mixes: apples, lemon and/or apple cider, cucumber and ginger.  A sure, sweet, tangy and spicy metabolic speeder upper!

Oranges, apple or pear, ginger with a little honey and herbs like tarragon, rosemary or a type of mint.  Makes you feel more energized.

Beetroot, kale, carrots, ginger, green apple and lemon or apple cider vinegar.  Tummy friendly!

Good quality fresh milk or coconut milk, vanilla, cinnamon, bit of clove, black pepper and honey or other healthy sweetener.  A spiced milk tea that is filling.

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