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Tips on Removing Facial Hair at Home

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Women do have hair all over their body but the only difference between them and men is that they have fine hair which is why it is not easily seen. However, there are some instances where women’s facial hair become prominent. Those who have darker hair tend to experience this compared to women with light hair. This is why,  there are some women who tend to be embarassed when their facial hair becomes visible or when the hair under their arms become too prominent to their liking.

Fortunately, facial hair can be easily removed at home using ingredients that are quite safe to use. Here are some tips that you can take advantage of when it comes to removing your facial hair.

  • Homemade sugar wax. You should combine two teaspoons of white or brown granulated sugar with a teaspoon each of water and honey. Heat the ingredients in the microave or even on your stove for about half a minute or until the mixture bubbles and becomes brown. Let it cool for a few minutes then, using a spatula, apply it on the areas where you want to remove the hair. Place a cloth strip over it then smooth it out in the direction where your hair is growing. Peel it off quickly and going the opposite direction to remove the hair. Repeat as many times as needed.
  • Threading. This women use plucking to control stray hairs on their eyebrows and chin. For sure you have a tweezer in your makeup kit for those times when you need to fix your eyebrows or get rid of the growing facial hair on your upper lip or on your chin. Just make sure that you wash your tweezers afterwards with warm soap and water before wiping clean and storing.
  • Spearmint tea. Another home remedy that can help you deal with facial hair is drinking spearmint tea. Studies show that drinking spearmint tea can regulate your hormones which can reduce hair growth particularly in areas that are visible to others. All that you have to do is to boil a cup of water, add a teaspoon of dried spearmint and let it steep for a few minutes. Strain the mixture and let it cool for a bit before drinking.
  • Threading. This technique is best left in the hands of the experts as it can be a bit tricky. In threading, you will need to use a a thin, doubled cotton thread that is pulled tightly then rolled on the excess facial hair around the eyebrows, cheeks, and chin.
  • Lemon juice and honey. Another home remedy that will help you get rid of facial hair fast is lemon juice and honey. Since this mask is sticky, it can remove those fine facial hair easily. The lemon juice is perfect because it has exfoliating properties while honey can make your hair softer for easy removal. It also helps nourish your skin. For this remedy, just mix a tablespoon of lemon juice with four tablespoons of honey. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the mask gently using a washcloth that has been soaked in lukewarm water.
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