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Five Things You Need To Abide By To Attain Deep Meditation

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There is no exact formula as to how we can achieve spiritual awakening. However, there are simple practices which you can integrate into your life to facilitate deep meditation faster. Keep in mind to utilize only one kind of meditative technique at a time. There’s no point in mixing this key point from mindfulness meditation with one fundamental factor taken from transcendental meditation. If this is going to be your game plan, you’ll end up more confused than when you started.

These are the five precepts which you might want take a note of. This will be your guide before attempting to dive into the craft of meditation:

1.Avoid inflicting pain towards yourself and to others. This is actually a universal concept across most religions. A clear conscience is what you need to posses if you expect your meditation experience to be successful.

2.Avoid taking things which is not given. In short, do not be a thief! However cheap an object is, do not try to take it away from someone else’s possession. This also applies to other people’s ideas, significant others, and freedom. Taking away whatever it is that you do not deserve will leave you feelings of guilt. Guilt is a human emotion which is hard to wipe off from the conscience.

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3.Thou shall not lie. This is one of the Ten Commandments and is also strictly followed by a majority of the world’s religious organizations. As the old adage, the truth will set you free. In this topic, we need to be totally honest not just towards other people, but also to ourselves.

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4.Misdemeanor out the door. Any inappropriate conduct will only hinder you from becoming enlightened. There are people who rebel against almost anything under the sun. Admit it, at some point in the past, you did things which made you feel bad afterwards. Violence, hatred, anger, and any sensual or sexual misconduct will make it harder for you in attaining a meditative state, because you know to yourself that you have done something which violated your core beliefs and values.

5.Stay away from vices. Drugs, alcohol, gambling, smoking. These are just some things which we find are addicting. Reflect on what you think are the benefits of these things. If you can justify your use of these vices, go ahead, be my guest and continue on with it. Too much of a good thing is bad for us. If you really yearn for spiritual awakening, you can only arrive at that state if your body is at its purest condition.

There is no hard and fast rule on how you can achieve a true meditative state. These five guidelines merely serve as a training guide for you to maximize the benefits of meditation. At the end of the day, it will still be your discretion if you want to abide by them, or stay firm on your own set of rules.

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