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Scents that Can Heal

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Essential oils are quite popular in many health and wellness circle as these oils have the power to heal.  What’s great about these natural oils is that they can be massaged on the skin, diffused, or even add to some drinks to  reap their numerous health benefits.

For those who are wondering which essential oils to go for, you can choose based on your health needs. Here are some scents that are known for their healing properties that you can try out.

  • Lemon. If you are feeling blue, the scent of lemon is guaranteed to banish your foul mood in no time. This particular scent has been found to enhance one’s immune system while combatting depression. You can diffuse some lemon oil or dab some on the insides of your wrists so you can smell it any time.
  • Peppermint. Stress can be a killer if you let it accummulate over time so why not get ahead of it with some peppermint? If you feel that a headache is coming on because you are currently stressed at work, dab some peppermint oil in a cotton ball or even your handkerchief for that matter and inhale the scent. Peppermint is known for its abilities to combat stress plus it can fight off sugar cravings and even fatigue.
  • Jasmine. Are you having trouble sleeping? This is not a problem especially when you can improve your sleep with the scent of jasmine. This particular scent can make you feel calm and relaxed so that it will be easier for you to slip into deep sleep. The same goes true with lavender. Diffusing either jasmine or lavender in the bedroom before bedtime is guaranteed to make you drowsy and ready for that much needed sleep.
  • Rosemary. Another scent that has been found to help with boosting your cognitive skills is rosemary. Inhaling the scent of rosemary has been found to increase one’s focus and mental alertness particularly during mental tasks. Others have remarked on how this scent has helped them perk up too.
  • Cinnamon. Did you know that smelling the scent of cinnamon is actually good for your sense of balance? Studies have shown that cinnamon can actually enhance your motor skills which is a plus if you are prone to tripping or being off-balanced. Other health benefits associated with this spice is that it can minimize road rage, reduce fatigue, and even boost one’s energy levels which is many drivers choose this scent for their cars so they will be mentally alert while driving.
  • Orange. The citrusy smell of orange has been found to increase one’s mental skills while at the same time, keep anxiety at bay. This is due to the fact that the scent of orange can actually reduce one’s stress levels so that they will be mentally and emotionally prepared to do their tasks.
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These are just a few examples of scents that have been found to help heal one’s health problems. From reducing stress to perking one’s energy levels up, these scents can actually help you in more ways than one.


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