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Treating and Preventing Headaches the Natural Way

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Headache can range from simple to severe, bordering on debilitating. They are often a sign that you need a break. A lot of people are getting reluctant to take a time off because they’re too preoccupied, but if you examine the trade-off of spending roughly 10 minutes to just close the blinds, relax and lie down for a bit when you feel that a headache is on the way—it could be a better use of your time than suffering, or worse being incapacitated by it at a later time. If you’re on a constant battle with nasty headaches, here are a few tips and tricks that can help ease what you’re going through.

1. Eat small, frequent meals.

If you have not eaten something in a while that buzzing feeling that starts to nag you may be a result of having low blood sugar levels. With this scenario, eating something right away could easily nip the problem right at its bud. Research has proven that
foods rich in magnesium such as tofu, spinach, olive oil and sunflower of pumpkin seeds can be great for relieving headaches. In general, it can be a good practice to start grazing on small but light meals throughout the day versus doing three large meals daily (breakfast, lunch and dinner). That way, your blood sugar levels will stay more consistent and your experience of getting crashes will be lessened.

2. Put ice on your forehead

Putting a cold wet washcloth or icy compress on your forehead while lying down can provide temporary relief to a headache. To be better prepared for next time, create little ice popsicles in your freezer and rub it in your temples for about 10 minutes. A lot of people believe that ice can dull the pain by constricting the blood vessels, but in case of headaches, it’s more likely the “counter-irritation” effect that makes it worth using. If your brain is busy paying to what’s creating the cold stimulus, it will pay less attention to pain.

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3. Taking a hot shower

A lot of people tend to prefer cold over heat when it comes to topical treatments for headache, but sometimes, taking a hot shower can easily take care of the problem. People often wake up with a throbbing pain in the head and just try to stay in bed, pretending that the ache is not real, hoping for it to go away. However, that technique almost always never works. What can work though is starting your day with a cup of joe (if you happen to be a regular drinker), a small breakfast, and a hot shower to
fully wake you up. If your headache is somehow related to a cold or sinus problem, the moist, warm air can help de-clog your nasal passages as well.

4. Get a massage.

One of the most traditional ways of alleviating cases f headaches is proven to be one of the most effective ways still up until now. Many people found that gentle amounts of pressure placed on the
temples can temporarily shun the pain away. In fact, any type of massage can help nix your headaches off. In a study conducted in New Zealand, participants who suffer from migraines had less frequent painful episodes and slept a lot better during days that they’ve gotten massages.

5. Try acupressure

Based on traditional Chinese medicine practices, applying pressure at a certain point in the hand between the index finger and the thumb can relieve headaches. Doing this is a harmless thing to try and can certainly distract you from the pain. Another version is acupuncture wherein the same principle applies, however, it employs the use of long needles that are to be inserted into the skin to stimulate trigger points all over the body and prevent the occurrences of migraines and other tension-type headaches.

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