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Natural Solutions You Should Try for Droopy Eyelids

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Are your eyelids starting to drooped or sagged? There are proven natural ways to prevent your eyelids from sagging.

Let’s try and find out what some of these remedies are:

1. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies for droopy eyelids include, using cucumbers, chamomile tea bags and raw potatoes on your eyelids.

To do:
For a natural and quick fix, apply fresh egg white using a q-tip on your eyelids. This is not a permanent remedy, but a temporary natural remedy when you need to look your best for a special occasion.

3. Proper Hydration

Droopy or sagging eyelids are caused by not enough fluid intake, stress and fatigue. Choosing a healthy lifestyle is the best way to treat droopy eyelids. Drink plenty of water, fresh fruit juices and herbal teas.

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To do:
Minimize your intake of salty foods, coffee and alcohol for the natural remedy for sagging eyelids.

3. Exercises

Work your muscles in the eyelids for that natural remedy for sagging eyelids.

To do:
Put your finger under your eyebrow, lift it gently, then hold for at least 10 seconds, before releasing your skin. You can repeat this exercise 3 times a day.

Another best exercise to tone and strengthen the eyelids, involve putting your fingers on your temples, then gently pulling the skin towards your ears. Once your skin it tight, open and close your eyes in successive fast movements, 10 times in a row.

Performing these exercises including proper hydration and nutrition can be a natural remedy to improving droopy or hooded eyelids.

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