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Clever Ways to Use Lip Balm

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Not all of us may admit it, but we love lip balms! People who say they don’t like it, probably has never tried one or has perfect lips. Lip balms have an amazing ability to take our dry and chapped lips to kissable and soft in a matter of seconds. It can even give your lips a light tint or color if you want or just be clear and moisturizing. Men, women, young and old can use lip balms. This is also a must have to make lipstick last longer. It can be addicting at times. We buy different variety and tend to lose a few of them if placed in our pockets. To increase your love for lip balms, we’ve found out different clever uses for this moisture salve! It can be used everywhere from your hair to your feet. Lip balm is a quick fix beauty item that can help you from everyday to dilemmas to beauty blunders. Read on to find out these amazing uses!


Have you ever gotten a Papercut at work or school and try your best not to use that hand or finger to prevent it from stinging or getting dirty? Even if you put on a band aid over it, a bit of pressure or even when liquid seep through the cut tends to sting again. Well, you can instantly reduce stinging and prevent it from getting worst by applying lip balm on the wound. Swipe it directly on the cut and the lip balm will enter the crack of the skin reducing stinging and exposure. Lip balms are safe on wounds, but it is still ideal that your lip balm is clean before applying. You can reapply your lip balm on the cut throughout the day.

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Emergency Eye Cream

When you need an emergency quick fix for your under eye (sudden crying session or hangovers) put on a good amount of lip balm on your under eye circle. This can help reduce puffiness and irritation. The lip balm is gentle on the skin and eyes and won’t cause you to tear up. Just dab it a little to prevent it from looking oily.

Soothing an Irritated Nose

During cold weathers, we tend to blow and wipe our noses more often than usual. This causes the skin around our nose to become irritated. This can also occur when you have a runny nose or allergies. The skin around the nose can become irritated and even inside the nose if you tend to sneeze and wipe inside a lot. This can be incredibly irritating and can cause your nose to be irritated even after you’ve gotten rid of your allergies. You can get instant relief and prevent further irritation by applying lip balm on the area. This can help moisturize the area and prevent redness.

Clean Eyebrows

If you have untamed eyebrows, use a swipe of lip balm all over it. Take your brush and style it to how you want it to look. The eyebrows will look polished and clean without any makeup product.

Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can be incredibly painful and irritating when you are required to stand around or walk all day. You can instantly reduce irritation by swiping a good amount on the crack. Wipe the excess amount away to prevent your footwear from becoming slippery. Lotions can work, but it can make your feet slippery and make you prone to tripping. This can also work as a substitute for cuticle cream. If you notice that you have a cracked cuticle, apply a good amount on the area. This will prevent painful hangnails and soften the cuticle. Lip balms can also prevent blisters caused by tight shoes or constant friction. You can apply a swipe on your shoes or sides to prevent blisters. This is a great tip to try when wearing new shoes.

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Have you ever tried to create that sleek back bun or ponytail and end up with static-y hair and fly away? There is an easy remedy to that problem! Hair sprays may not work on the area directly, but if you take your clear lip balm and apply it on the fly away it can weigh down the hair making it easier to set. Swipe the lip balm the direction where you want the hair to be and blot it a little. Set it with hair spray to keep it in place. Another hair – lip balm tip is to apply lip balm on the ear, nape, forehead and side burns when coloring hair. This can prevent the color from staining the skin.

Lip balms are indispensable all year long. It can help moisturize your lips during those cold winter months and help protect your lips from harsh weather during summer. Most of these tips are best used with clear lip balm. Try out these clever ways with your lip balm and share with us what you think! Have you tried experimenting with your lip balm? What is your favorite lip balm? Have you ever managed to finish a tube of this moisturizing goodness? Let us know!

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