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Take a Look at These 5 Habits That Damage Your Eyes

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Can’t imagine a life without being able to read text messages and social media status updates, watch the latest blockbuster movie everyone is raving about, or observe the face of your office crush from afar? Then make sure that your peepers are always in an excellent shape!

There are certain habits that can accelerate the aging process of your eyes, eventually damaging them — and it’s very much likely that you are guilty of some of those eye-wrecking habits.

If you want to keep your eyes sharp for as long as you feel that there’s still so much more to see in this world, then continue reading. Below are some of the things that are bad for the eyes. As soon as you spot something that you are fond of doing, promise that you won’t turn a blind eye.

Not Wearing Sunglasses

It’s not just the premature appearance of crow’s feet and dark circles that you have to worry about if you habitually skip donning a pair of sunglasses during daytime, but also damage to your eyes themselves. Eye experts say that leaving your peepers unprotected can lead to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Cigarette Smoking

Just about any organ you have can be damaged by cigarette smoking, and your eyes are included. Studies have shown that smokers are 4 times more likely to end up blind than non-smokers. If you’re a smoker, worry not — turning your back on your habit this very moment can help save your eyesight.

Having Poor Eating Habits

Do you love fast food and processed treats? Then you may be at high risk of saying bye-bye to your eyes in the future. Make sure that your everyday diet consists of green leafy vegetables and colorful fruits if you love your pair of peepers. Definitely, you should include lots of vitamin A-rich foods in your diet on a regular basis.

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Not Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Partying all night or worrying about your problems at bedtime can deprive you of sleep, and it’s something that can wreak havoc to your eyes. Also, it’s a complete no-no to sleep with your contact lenses on. Before you hit the sack, make it a habit to remove them using your clean hands.

Skipping Your Eye Doctor

There are numerous medical conditions that can have a negative effect on your eyes. Some eye problems do not yield noticeable signs and symptoms. It’s for all of these reasons why it’s of utmost importance for you to take regular trips to your trusted eye doctor if you want to keep your eyesight intact.

Do you know any other habit that can damage the eyes? Feel free to share it below!


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