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What to Eat for a Healthy Immune System

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Below are the different types of food and other healthy options important in maintaining immunity to diseases.

1. Liquids such as water and tea: water does help in toning the muscles and getting rid of toxins, while green tea is also packed with antioxidants and speeds up metabolism as well. Black, oolong and pekoe teas are also good they best work for bacterial infections.

2. Gluten-free and Cassein-free goods: these are highly prescribed especially for people suffering from autism who need immune system boosters.

3. Apple, Oats and other fiber-rich foods: foods like apple and oats containing soluble fiber can boost the immune system by renewing cells with an increased production of interleukin 4, a kind of protein that is of the anti-inflammatory kind. Other fiber rich foods are citrus fruits, rice bran, beans, peas, barley and strawberries.

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4. Vitamin C edibles: vitamin C is essential in cell protection and in repairing damaged tissues, so eat a lot of broccoli, cantaloupe, kiwi, oranges, peppers, pineapple, pink grapefruit and strawberries.

5. 1,000 units of Vitamin D a day:
You can get this easily from sunshine, as long as it’s that time of day that the sun does not burn the skin and cause skin cancer. You can also get Vitamin D from fish such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring and sardines, egg, yogurt, chestnuts, and cereals.

6. Organic Yogurt and other foods with probiotics: probiotic foods cleanse the digestive system to get rid of the junk that weakens the immune system.

7. Omega 3 foods: fish and fish oils as primary sources of Omega 3 that helps not only the heart but likewise the immune system.

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