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Growing Your Own Potatoes

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Many people need potatoes in the meals that they eat. Potatoes are so versatile that people have come up with different ways on how to include potatoes in a certain dish. Examples of how potatoes are served are: bake d potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato wedges, French fries, fried and boiled potatoes, and so many more. This is why when you visit a grocery or a supermarket, you will see that many people have potatoes in their respective shopping carts. While there are those who choose to spend for them, there are also those who prefer to grow their own set of potatoes in their gardens by using a container.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

Growing your own potatoes can be done in your garden by
using containers. Here are a few steps on how to do so:
1. You must chit your potatoes by placing them in space that is abundant in light and air. You will know when they are ready to be planted when they are solid. The bad potatoes normally turn soft.
2. The second step in growing potatoes in a container will be to build a water reservoir by adding gravel or on the container. You must make a hole in the bottom of the container so as to allow the water to flow outside the container.
3. You will need to use multi-purpose compost to fill the container to a certain length, which is about ¾ of the container.
4. The third step will be to add 3-4 tablespoons of fertilizer into the container with the compost. The most ideal fertilizer in the market is potato fertilizer, which you can easily find. It is important that you mix the fertilizer with the compost properly. This will ensure that the fertilizer is well placed all around the container.
5. Add the potatoes that are ready to be planted into
the compost and bury them.
6. You must constantly water the container to at least 5-6 times a day. Within 2 weeks you will see plants begin to sprout.
7. You must add more compost and fertilizer on the container when the plants have sprouted. Make sure that you do not cover the plants. This will ensure that the maximum number of potatoes will grow.
8. You will also need to consider supporting your container because the plants that grow tend to become longer than the height of the container. Placing the container on beside a wooden frame will suffice.
9. You will know when your potatoes are ripe when you see the grown plants in the container begin to tilt downwards. This is an indication that your potatoes are ready to eat. Another indication is when you take a potato out of the container; you will see that the skin of the potato easily rubs when you scratch it with your thumbnail.
Following these steps will ensure that you have potatoes ready and available to eat in a moments notice. You may serve it however you want as potatoes are a good addition to most dishes.
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