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Punching Off the Pounds: How to Lose Weight with Boxing

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If you think that boxing is an activity reserved for the mean and the tough—then you’re wrong! Though you see it being practiced by those bulked-up fighters, this punch-and-jab sport is actually one of the most effective cardio activity you can do. Boxing can provide you with total body workout without you even noticing it. It’s a versatile, high-impact sport that delivers massive results in terms of endurance training, muscle toning and calories burnt. Different boxing styles will ensure that you have something that can cater to your fitness abilities and goals, especially if you are making your way through weight loss.

The Basics of Boxing

Boxing in its all forms involve the simulation of hand-to-hand combat wherein you’ll rely on throwing a series of punches, kicks and dodges both to engage to opponent and protect yourself. The sport itself combines a high-intensity cardio exercise that works miracles in helping your upper and lower body muscles get stronger and better toned. Professional boxing matches takes place in a “ring”; fitness boxing don’t have to be—it can be done on studio classrooms, with or without any additional boxing equipments. The first thing you need to do to start fitness boxing is to establish proper technique. Once you’ve on that with a trainer, it can easily translate into a home workout that will not require much of a space for you to move around.

The Benefits of Boxing into Weight Loss

Boxing makes you move—it relies on constant motion. Your boxing moves including jabs, ducking, punching and dodging require you to be on a perpetual state of movement. This never-ending series of movements are what makes you lose weight—because your body burns more calories this way. The exact number of calories burned will depend on how intense your workouts are, but on the average, an hour of boxing can make a person lose at least 350 calories. A boxing class that’s targeted specifically for weight loss can even aid people in losing about 600-800 calories within a 45-minute workout schedule. With boxing, you get to engage your core muscles as well as your upper and lower body resulting to toned muscles. Toned muscles will lead to an increase in your lean muscle mass which ups your basal metabolic rates. The basal metabolic rate is the rate in which your body consumes calories for normal body activities of functions; the higher your basal metabolic rate is, the more efficient it will be in burning fats which can drastically help in reducing excess body weight.

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Boxing Types and Styles

Training professionally for boxing is far different from boxing for weight loss. While professional training focuses on accuracy, strength and form, fitness boxing is more on sustaining elevated heart rates to facilitate optimum fat-burning. Cardio or fitness boxing typically involves a combination of warm-ups like jump ropes or jogging then followed suit by a series of muscle conditioning exercises like walking lunges, crunches, jump squats and boxing moves like sparring and throwing punching combinations. If you want additional lower body toning, then kickboxing is the way to go. Once you’re okay with the boxing basics and would want to practice at home, one thing you can do is to get yourself a weighted, suspended boxing bag that you can use for sparring sessions in the absence of an actual partner. You may also perform boxing at home without additional equipments, though doing it in front of a mirror may be helpful so as to ensure that you’re still doing it in proper form.

Who are Those Best Suited for Boxing?

Boxing is considered a high-intensity activity or workout—you`ll need plenty of rest periods in order to let your muscles recuperate after. If you’re only a beginner in the field, include one cardio boxing class in your weekly fitness routine as a starting point, then increase it to two or three classes per week once you’ve determined that your stamina and strength have already increased. To facilitate weight loss, three boxing sessions per week with ample rests in between should be enough to kickstart your goals. Boxing is an activity most suited for individuals with decreased lower body mobility as most movements are done using the muscles of the upper body. It can also be a great stress reliever for persons who are suffering from anxiety or for those who are looking for ways to let out their aggression in a healthy way.

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