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Recovering From Heartache the Healthy Way

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Getting over a recent heartache is not easy. It may be a heartache caused by the betrayal of your partner or end of a relationship. These emotional pains usual transcend into physical pain in the long run, unlike other emotion fear and anger. The initial action we want during heartache is to forget the pain. We would do anything to numb this pain. In any form necessary, we can drink until we pass out, binge on chocolate chip ice cream or cry in our bed alone till you’re dried out.

Feeling an intense sense of loneliness and despair after an incident is healthy for the mind and body. It is normal for anybody to feel this way, trying to numb away the pain or running away from it will only affect you in the future. This pain and heartache will be a key experience to achieving personal growth and serenity. Don’t numb the pain away, learn to ride out these heartache the healthy way.

Writing in a Journal or Creating a Blog
Writing down about your relationship can be therapeutic. Writing about how you met, your first fight, and the end of the relationship. Write it down as a third person or as a narrator and change the character names too. Writing your story with different names will remove some of the attachment you have for the story. Writing it as a third person can help you see a different side of the relationship that you may have never noticed before. You’ll notice when things started to go south for the relationship or realize the mistakes you’ve made. Creating an anonymous blog and allowing the public to see this story and commenting on it also gives you outside perspective and you’ll never know this may be the next bestselling novel.

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Social Media
Social media has made relationships a lot easier and harder at the same time. Social media is also one of the worst things to happen in heartache, anything and everything can be seen online. You can scroll through your ex’s profile, you can reread old messages and actually see what he/she is posting. It is also the worst platform for someone going through a heartache. A notification of “is in a relationship” to “is single” is going to make you go insane. Sharing with hundreds of your closest friends, semi friends and family that “love is overrated #overit” is not helping anybody. Stay away from social media as much as possible. Stay at home and do art or ask a friend to come over for pizza and talk.

Fighting Off Negative Thought
Having negative thoughts is normal, but having multiple negative thoughts a day during a heartache can lower your self-esteem and affect your mental and emotional help. Removing these negative thoughts and replacing them with positivity is important. This is an if-one-door-close-another-one-opens situation. Your heartache is not the end, it’s just a beginning of something new. Distract your mind from negativity by talking to someone you trust, going on a long walk or jogging, meditation and reading. Get up from your bed and stop wallowing in misery and actually do something.

Don’t Play Games
You guys broke up and now it’s over. Leave it as is, don’t go around plotting some ingenious ways of getting back at him or making him jealous. Stop posting on your social media that your “So happy right now” for the sake of getting a reaction. The one who often cares less after a relationship ends up having a more successful succeeding relationship.

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Turn Up the Music
One of the most common therapeutic treatment is heartache is music. Music that makes you feel good and music that mainly comes from the artist you love. Do not listen to heartbreak music or music that reminds you of the relationship. Ask your friends to go watch a concert or listen to feel good pop at home.

Depression, Loneliness and Grief
These three emotions are closely related to each other, but is separated by a fine line. Identifying what you have can help you in treating it. A normal heartache can turn into loneliness and that can turn into depression. Signs of loneliness is a feeling of wanting to be alone, but wishing someone was there for you or feeling that you are going to be alone for the rest of your life. Keeping this mindset for a long period will cause a negative mindset and higher risk of mental illness. Depression can cause you to talk about the breakup nonstop and it is causing great strain to your daily life.

During this moment of heartache, don’t forget to love yourself. Eat what you want, go out with your friends, buy some new things, and do things that make you feel better. Keep a positive outlook and you’ll get through this heartache with no grazes and a new outlook on life.

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