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Reasons Why Roti Should Be Added to Your Diet

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In India, there is a type of bread that is served on a daily basis, and it’s called roti. Sometimes it is also referred to as chapatti. Elsewhere on the planet, it is popularly known as Indian bread.

Other than buying roti from your favorite Asian grocer, you can actually easily make it from scratch in your own kitchen. Online, you can find so many recipes for it, each one so easy to follow. That’s because roti is made from whole wheat flour and a little water only, and then the mixture is cooked using a griddle or a flat-bottomed pan.

With no other ingredient aside from whole wheat flour and water, it’s plain to see that roti is one of the healthiest types of bread on the planet, and that’s why it is a great idea for you to add it to your diet.

Here are some of the reasons why roti is actually good for you:

It Contains Impressive Amounts of Fiber

Since roti is made from whole wheat flour, every serving of it is packed with fiber. We all know that fiber is important for the proper functioning of the digestive system. According to heart specialists, fiber is also very good at significantly lowering heart disease risk as it assists in keeping the arteries from being clogged.

When shopping for roti, make sure that you go for something that’s out of wheat flour. It is possible that roti being sold by an Asian grocer is made from refined flour to make this Indian bread cheaper and looking lovelier.

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It Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Do you have diabetes and you are told by your doctor to maintain normal levels of sugar in your blood? Then it’s a great idea for you to consume roti on a regular basis. It’s for the fact that it contains good amounts of fiber, which helps regulate the amount of sugar released into the bloodstream at any given time.

You don’t want to leave your blood sugar levels unmanaged because it’s something that is to blame for some of diabetes’ most common complications, like high blood pressure and nerve damage.

It Has Plenty of B Vitamins

Whole wheat flour that roti is made from contains lots and lots of B vitamins, unlike refined flour that practically contains nothing but calories. It’s for this reason why the addition of roti to your diet can help give you the energy you need — those B vitamins help convert carbohydrates into fuel that’s accessible to your every cell.

B vitamins in roti are also essential for the proper functioning of the nerves. They are also known to help in regulating the mood and keeping anxiety in check as they help normalize chemicals in the brain.

It Supplies the Body With Vitamin E

Another vitamin that you can obtain from roti is vitamin E. A nutrient found in so many cosmetic products, vitamin E is perfect for you if you are a beauty-conscious person. Experts say that this vitamin is an antioxidant that helps to keep the skin cells safeguarded from free radicals that speed up the aging process.

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Being an antioxidant, vitamin E also shows some ability to fight off cancer cells. So in other words, the regular intake of roti and other vitamin E-containing foods may help lower your risk of cancer significantly.

Note: If you are sensitive to gluten, fret not. All you have to do is simply opt for roti (or make some at home) that’s out of millet or chickpea flour.

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