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Miraculous Coconuts: Tips on how to use the oil

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Coconut oil costs ten dollars a bottle. Here are 10 ways to use it and make yourself look more beautiful and refreshing.

Honestly, we would never think of coconut oil as something we would rub all over our faces. Or our entire body for that matter. But more and more studies and researchers and those individuals who go for natural beauty products have gone on record to testify about the effects of this miracle product. Could they be right?

Our experts say – absolutely! This oil is already part of a plethora of beauty products, and deservedly so. Coconut oil is all-natural and it combats bacteria and fungi that may harm the skin. It moisturizes very well. It penetrates hair strands and follicles more efficiently than other kinds of oil and it has a pleasant smell that is compared to the smell that comes from baking cookies.

Here are ten wonderful ways that coconut oil can be used in the cozy confines of your home. After reading this, you won’t need to go out and buy those really expensive high-end beauty products. After reading this, it will just be you and your raw virgin coconut oil. We highly recommend the organic kind.

1. Soothing dry hands

Although it won’t be as effective while you’re out of the house, being active and busy, if you ever find your hands really dry from washing the dishes at home, coconut oil is just the thing to make it all better. Jars of raw virgin coconut oil are available at the nearest supermarket. You can keep it in the kitchen so that right after you wash your hands, you can apply it to keep the softness and moistness.

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While cooking, coconut oil can be a great substitute for butter when baking since it’s at its solid state at room temp. Some people actually moisturize their hands before they cook. It has become a healthy habit for them.

2. Highlighting cheekbones

Highlight your face and it takes away any evidence of you going through a grueling day. But there’s no urgency to go out and spend a lot on beauty products to do this. Just apply a bit of coconut oil above makeup. That should do the trick. Your skin with glow. If you notice, alot of makeups available in the market today use coconut oil as a base ingredient. There are also products with coconut oil and light reflectors that are easy to take along with you.

3. Shaving your legs

Your usual cream costs a lot and it contains a lot of additives that aren’t needed in order to make you shaving go smoothly. For shaving legs and underarms, coconut oil is the affordable answer. It fights microbes and it smells great. And coconut oil will always make your legs looking great and healthy without the shine of grease.

4. Conditioning of hair

A lot of hair conditioners out there have coconut oil as an ingredient. Its hair-penetrating and protein-loss prevention qualities make theconditioner more potent. Just a small amount will be enough. What you do is swab your hair with half-a-teaspoon of coconut oil, comb you hair then tie it in a loosely-held bun. Don’t forget to put a towel on your pillow at night, or wear a shower cap. End this ritual by shampooing in the morning.

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5. Removing makeup

for the eyes One of the more surprising features of this oil is that it is effective versus water-resistant mascara. Again, just a small amount of the stuff on a cotton ball should do the trick. Try sweeping it over and under your eyes in a gentle motion. Coconut oil is excellent in removing the wax and ink of the makeup. If that isn’t enough, you’ll notice that this area of your face becomes more hydrated. Of course, washing your face at the end is mandatory.

6. Moisturizing the body

In a study conducted recently on animals, coconut oil can shorten the time for wounds to heal. On research with human test subjects, coconut oil increased hydration and protects the skin from losing more water. That right there is a miracle of nature. Health experts everywhere love coconut oil for this reason.

7. Cleaning your face

Since it naturally combats bacteria and fungi and since it also naturally moisturizes the skin, and since some studies state that it is very effective against atopic dermatitis, a lot of women testify as to its excellence as a face moisturizer at night. Do the double-cleansing technique. Try rubbing it on your face and neck, also massaging yourself gently at the same time. Rinse it off with a good cleanser. But a reminder for those with acne – you should first find out if your skin can take the oil.

8. Adding shine to the ends of your hair

Apply a bit of coconut oil at the ends of your hair to create a little bit of a shiny effect. You can also do this to flyaways. But be cautioned not to put too much since putting too much might make your hair appear greasy. You don’t want that.

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9. Scrubbing your body

You can actually make a body scrub with the stuff you find in your kitchen, so there’s actually no need to buy a body scrub from the store. You’ll just end up wasting your hard-earned cash. Try melting half-a-cup of coconut oil at a low flame, pouring it on a cup of brown sugar or salt and stirring. You can also try adding a small amount of an oil of your choice or vanilla extract. This is going to smell really good. Now don’t be tempted to eat it.

10. Massaging your body

A lot of oils for massaging your body that you can find in stores contain coconut or jojoba oil. You don’t need to buy these oils from the store. You can just buy coconut oil instead. It’s slippery, good for your skin and it moisturizes better than most oils out there.

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