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6 Tips to Tame Frizzy Hair

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More women are becoming adventurous when it comes to their hair styles. But for those with curly or wavy hair, that fearless feeling falls short because of frizz. This is particularly true during summer, when the humidity and heat wreaks havoc on everyone’s hair.

Humidity opens up the hair’s cuticle and makes it appear frizzy and since curly hair is dry by nature, the fuzziness comes out in full force during warm weather. However, it’s not just wavy and curly hair that’s prone to frizz. Hair that’s overly processed or have been treated are also vulnerable.

Fortunately, there are numerous products and treatments that can help combat the frizz. Here are six tips to consider:

1. Be Smart About Shampoo

It’s best to condition dry hair more often and shampoo it less. This approach really does wonders. Rinse your hair after using conditioner and start styling. This reduces those annoying flyaway. But be selective with your shampoo and conditioner. Your shampoo should be one that’s made to specifically target frizz while your conditioner should be a hydrating one.

2. Dry Your Hair Correctly

Our hair is more fragile when wet. You can easily damage it when drying and cause more flyaway. One of the worse things you can do is to towel-dry your hair roughly. It’s better if you squeeze out the water out of your hair strands instead of rubbing them. Several top hairstylists have recommended using either a paper towel or an old t-shirt for drying extremely fragile locks. They’re apparently the best for squeezing out excess water from curly hair.

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It’s also a good idea to rough-dry hair first before you blow it out or straighten it. Blow drying wet hair will only make the frizz worse. Refrain from touching your curls once they’re dry as it might trigger the fuzz.

3. Comb Your Hair

Brushing wet hair can cause breakage. This means more flyaway and frizz. A better alternative is to use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb for your hair, especially if you have super curly hair. Wait until your hair is almost dry before combing it. Utilize a detangling spray if necessary. You should also invest in a comb that helps minimize static electricity.

4. Choose the Right Products

The products you use and when you use them makes a huge difference. Choose a good blowout cream and run it through your hair from the mid-shaft to the end. Dab a little around your hairline as this is usually the frizziest area. Apply a little mousse or foam when air drying curls. The former is best for curly hair while the latter is the perfect choice if you want to cover your whole head.

5. Consider Getting Treatment

When frizzy hair is becoming the norm instead of the exception, it might be time to think about having a keratin treatment. It’s one of the most reliable way of controlling fuzzy hair. What’s more, the treatment is good for six months. The downside is your hair will become straighter or appear flatter for a while. You should also use a sulfate-free shampoo if you want to make the keratin treatment last longer.

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6. Use Hand Cream or Dryer Sheets

If all else fails, hand cream or dryer sheets can work wonders on your hair. Dab a little cream in your hands and rub as you normally would. Once it’s almost absorbed, rub your hands lightly over the frizzy areas. This provides them with some much needed moisture. However, never apply the hand cream directly to your hair. Dryer sheets work on your hair the same way they do on clothes. You can run them through your hair to reduce static and minimize flyaway strands.

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