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Most Effective Lower Back Exercises

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When building muscle, one of parts of the body that most
people seem to take for granted is their lower back. These people seem to give more importance to parts of the body that are more exposed such as the arms, legs, and chest. They probably figure that their lower backs will never get any compliments. While this
may be true, you must give your lower back more importance
than all of your other body parts that you wish to build muscle in. The simple reason for this is because your lower back is what supports your weight. It is also what supports your torso at lifting various dumbbells as well as performing most upper body
Without your lower back having the ample strength to support your torso, you will not be able to perform effective workout regimens. You also have a greater chance of injuring yourself temporarily or permanently. Let us hope that the latter never happens to you. In order to ensure this, give your lower back the strength to support you throughout all upper body workouts. Here
is an effective lower back workout regimen. Lower back exercises and how to perform them When performing lower back exercises, you must always keep your back supported by wearing protective gear. Also it is essential that you keep your back straight during all exercises. This will help at avoiding injury. Here are a few
exercises that will morph your back into a muscle shield:
  • Bar pull-ups- You can perform this exercise by hanging on a bar in the gym and pulling your entire body up until your chin hits the bar. This will build back strength and it will cut your back into appearing muscular.
  • Pull-downs- This exercise involves that you use a pull-down machine where you simply pull down on the bar while keeping your back straightened and relaxed.
  • Handle pull downs- This exercise requires that you are on your knees while pulling down on a rope or bar that is connected to a machine.
  • One arm rows- This effective exercise is when you rest one of your knees on a bench, where you place your torso directly on top of the bench. Support your torso with your other arm as you lift a dumbbell to your ribs.
  • Renegade rows- This exercise is similar to a push-up but instead of performing the actual push-up you raise dumbbells to your rib cage alternately.
  • Inverted rows- This exercise is simple as you lie down directly under a barbell that is attached on a machine. Here you will pull your torso up anddown repeatedly.
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Performing these exercises is difficult to complete in a
sequential manner. You must start slow and build momentum. Begin with a short number of repetitions per exercise. As you build strength and endurance perform ing these, add more
repetitions. Pretty soon your back will be so ripped that each movement you make will highlight a specific back muscle whenever you look at your back in the mirror. Best of luck to you!

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