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Beautify Your Skin and More With Violet Leaf Essential Oil

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Violet leaf essential oil comes from the heart-shaped leaves of violets, and you will surely love this volatile oil most especially if you are a beauty-conscious individual. However, it’s not just a number of skin perks that violet leaf essential oil can bring, but a bunch of others that range from healing bruises to lifting the mood.

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Unlike most other essential oils out there that are clear or yellow in color, violet leaf essential oils sports an eye-catching green hue. It also has a thick consistency, but that’s okay because its greasiness can be reduced once it is diluted with your preferred carrier oil, something that is recommended when using this oil topically.

Aside from applying diluted violet leaf essential oil on the skin, it may also be employed with the help of a diffuser. A couple of drops of it may also be added to a handkerchief or piece of tissue paper. Many love to place a few drops of it on their pillows to help them feel great at night and also to encourage some much-needed Z’s.

When it comes to its fragrance, violet leaf essential oil is very pleasing to the nose. It boasts of an earthy and herbaceous smell with a hint of floral aroma. Experts in aromatherapy say that this volatile oil blends very well with the likes of lavender, cumin, clary sage, basil, hyacinth, mimosa, sandalwood and rose essential oils.

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Because it is very gentle, violet leaf essential oil may be applied on the skin without prior dilution, but only in very small amounts. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to have it mixed with your preferred carrier oil first.

Now that you know violet leaf essential oil so much better, let’s check out some of the many perks it offers:

Reduced Pores and Oiliness

A lot of women swear by the effectiveness of violet leaf essential oil in shrinking large pores as well as reducing oils. That’s because this oil possesses astringent properties. You can instill a few drops of violet leaf essential oil in your face toner’s bottle, but only after doing a skin patch test beforehand to make sure that you’re not sensitive to it.

Improved Spider Veins

You can also count on violet leaf essential oil for improving the appearance of spider veins, which are visible capillaries on the skin that resemble the legs of spiders. Again, it’s for the fact that this oil has astringent properties. You may also apply a little violet leaf essential oil on bruises to make them go away much faster.

Lifted Mood

Each time you are grieving or feeling down, use a diffuser to fill the air with the uplifting fragrance of violet leaf essential oil to help you feel better emotionally. A lot of people actually rely on this volatile oil in order to help themselves cope much better to stress that usually comes together with various changes and milestones in life.

Alleviated Chest Congestion

Those who are experiencing chest congestion due to the common cold or cough may place some drops of violet leaf essential oil in a basin of hot water, and they may inhale the steam produced in order to attain relief. Drinking plenty of fluids can also help a lot in dealing with chest congestion.

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Refrain from using violet leaf essential oil for any therapeutic reason if you are pregnant. It’s also a good idea for you to let your doctor know about you plan on using this volatile oil if you have a known medical condition.

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