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7 Makeup Mistakes that Make Acne Worse

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We all know how uncomfortable it feels to wake up with acne breaking out on your skin. So what do we do? We cover them up with makeup only to find, at the end of the day, that our acne became worse. We wash our face afterwards to remove makeup then slap on moisturizers and what not and pray that the next day the redness and swelling have reduced considerably. With that being said, although applying makeup can help conceal our acne, there are some mistakes that we do that can actually irritate our skin further. Here are a few examples of makeup mistakes that we often do that is causing our acne to actually become worse than before.

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Blending with dirty fingers

Some of us prefer to use our fingers to blend our makeup but when our hands are dirty, we are leaving dirt and bacteria on our skin which can irritate the skin further. Use blending tools like brushes to get the job done while minimizing irritation on the skin.

Apply too much concealer

Concealers get the job done in hiding blemishes and even acne breakouts provided that they are used correctly. Instead of applying large amounts of it on our skin, you should simply apply a dot on the affected area then blend. You can add more if you like but don’t go overboard. You might end up with a cakey texture on your skin that can only focus other people’s attention to the problem area.

Popping zits regularly

We are all guilty of popping our zits but this can only aggravate the problem rather than solve it. Using your fingers to pop your zits can actually push the bacteria deeper into your skin. If you want to remove the pus, you should invest on sterile extractors because they can go into your skin easily.

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Using dirty brushes

With our busy schedule, it is next to impossible to find time to actually clean our makeup brushes. Well, this is one of the reasons why your acne appears worse than before. Remember that the brushes that you are using when applying makeup can have product build up in them which can block your pores when used. Think about what other particles are left behind too which you are transferring on your skin.

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Not removing makeup

If you often forget to remove your makeup before going to bed then don’t act surprised as to why you have zits on your face in the morning. Keep in mind that makeup particles can easily block the pores on your skin especially when they are mixed with oil and sweat. Do yourself a favor and use some makeup remover before going to bed.

Not cleaning your beauty blender

Beauty blenders are heaven sent as these sponges make it easier for you to blend your makeup. Unfortunately, some of us don’t clean them regularly hence we are adding more dirt and makeup particles on our skin which can irritate the skin.

You’re using the wrong formula

Another makeup mistake that we often make is using the wrong formula on our skin. Keep in mind that our skin type should be considered when we are choosing makeup because there are ingredients in these beauty products that may not agree with our skin. For example, if you have sensitive to oily skin, non-comedogenic makeup will work for you because it will not irritate your skin. 

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These are just a few examples of makeup mistakes that we often make hence our skin often break out in acne. You should try to correct them as much as possible so you will be able to give your skin a break.

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